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WhatsApp’s Latest Updates: Automatic Account Reports and Passkey Security Feature

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WhatsApp plans to enhance security by introducing a passkey feature for iPhone users, streamlining login with biometric or facial recognition.

To enhance user experience, WhatsApp has introduced two groundbreaking features for its users. The first is, the automatic account reports feature. This feature provides an easy way for you to stay updated about your account and channel activities automatically. and the second is a passkey feature for iPhone users, which will improve security and simplify other processes.

Automatic Account Reports

This new feature being introduced by WhatsApp will help users eliminate the process of manually requesting updates. This feature, once activated, will automatically generate reports for you. This feature will not only save you time but will also keep you informed about the changes in your account information.

Passkey Feature for iPhone Users

WhatsApp is also rolling out a new feature only for iPhone users, focusing on security and convenience. The passkey feature allows you to use Face ID, Touch ID, or device passcode options to easily access your account without the need for passwords or OTPs. This feature takes you towards a more secure login process, creating balance.

These features show WhatsApp’s commitment to its users, providing a user-friendly and secure platform.

What is Passkeys

Passkey is a feature that allows users to access their accounts without having to enter a 6-digit code each time. It eliminates the need for traditional username and password combinations, including the two-factor authentication method. The feature uses a secure technology that was developed by the FIDO Alliance, in collaboration with Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Passkeys streamline the login process for users and require only their face, fingerprint, or PIN to unlock and gain access to their WhatsApp accounts. This makes the login process more convenient and intuitive, as users no longer need to remember or type passwords.

How to Set Passkeys in Whatsapp

To set a passkey for WhatsApp, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Updated Whatsap on your Android Phone

Step 2: Tap Your Profile Photo In The Top-Right Corner

Step 3: Go To Settings and Select Passkeys

Step 4: Tap “Create Passkeys” And Follow The Instructions

Step 5: Choose A Passkey Type – Pin, Fingerprint, Or Facial Recognition

Step 6: Tap “Continue” To Create Your Whatsapp Passkey


WhatsApp promises its users a secure and easy-to-navigate platform, all while staying secure. These upgrades showcase the dedication and commitment WhatsApp feels towards its users, creating a new standard.


How to use the passkey feature on iPhone?

This feature has been released for iOS beta users in the updated version, allowing them to use Face ID, Touch ID, or device passcode for a secure and streamlined login. Make sure to update your phone and keep a check.

How do I activate the automatic account reports feature?*

To activate the automatic account reports feature, you will see an option in the account settings. Once enabled, the system will automatically generate monthly reports summarizing account and channel activities.

Last Updated : 06 Feb, 2024
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