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How to Create a Group Chat on Instagram?

Last Updated : 26 Feb, 2023
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You might have used Instagram on your smartphone in the past or still do so, isn’t it? If you do, you might have come across direct messaging to friends, since it is a very exciting feature to behold. Despite these upsides, Instagram has a gray region where you cannot send a  single post to multiple friends directly via Instagram. This is where IG Group chat has come to your rescue. In this blog, we shall look at how it is solving Instagrammer’s messaging woes. 

How to make a group on Instagram? Read on to get the answer.

Introduction to Instagram Group Chat

Social Media Platforms have simplified how we connect and share ideas with friends, family, and community. Instagram is the best example in this category where not only do you make reels but also could direct message peers. This photo/video-sharing app is an extremely versatile marketing tool for businesses and a highly engaging social media platform for the general public.

However, today Instagram is no longer a photo/video-sharing platform. With the launch of some new features, like „Group Chat“, the social media brand has upgraded its definition. Group chat is one of the convenient tools added by the globally popular photo and video sharing app Instagram recently on its platform.

Earlier you were used to sharing an Instagram post, photo, or video with your multiple friends individually directly through messaging which was supposed to be time-consuming. But now, that similar task can be performed by IG group chat on the go.

With one tap, you can share a single post or message with multiple friends on Instagram. This article will guide you on How to make a group on Instagram if you have newly come across this tool but are unclear about how to get started.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make a Group on Instagram

Step: 1 Log in and Click on the “Messages”

Click on the “Messages”


If you are already an Instagram user, log in to your account and access the front portal or “Homepage” of your Instagram account. 

1. Navigate through the screen and locate the “Message” option. 

(Available on the left of the screen on desktop devices and the top right side of the screen on smartphones) 

2. Click the “Message” option. By doing so, you will obtain a list of friends or IG accounts to which you had previously sent a message to. 

(Upon clicking, some may not get an IG account or Friend list in this section if they have newly created an IG account or have never sent or received any message on Instagram) 

Step 2: Select The Pen Icon 

Select The Pen Icon


  1. In the “Message” option, you will get the interface as shown above in the visual above. Right below your account name, you will see a list of friends, followers or random IG account you have ever sent a message to or received a message from. 
  2. Here, you need to select the “Pen” Icon located adjacent to your IG account at the top.  

Step 3: Select Members to Be Included (From Followers)

Select Members to Be Included


  1. Going ahead, you will see a list of members suggested exclusively by Instagram that are indeed your followers or someone in your IG message contacts.
  2. Utilize the boxes to confirm the selection by simply tapping on them. 
  3. Hereafter, the selected accounts will be visible in the box above. 
  4. Hit the “Next” option to proceed.

Step 4: Search for Members to be Included (From the Public)

Search for Members to be Included (From the Public)


In case you don’t find an IG account you want to include in your IG Group Chat or you want to include an IG account of someone that’s neither your follower nor available in your previous message list, follow the steps –

  1. Manually, type in the name of the IG Account in the box (you must pick the right IG account)
  2. Confirm the selection and hit the “Next” button. 

Step 5: Typing in the Message

Type-in the Message


Your IG Group Chat will be finally created. As you can see in the visuals above, all members that you have added to the group are now available in order on the “primary” bar. 

  1. Click on this newly created group, this will get you a message box
  2. Write the message using the message box
  3. Hit the “Send” button
  4. Your message will be delivered to everyone’s IG in the group

How many people are active in the group will be shown right below the “Group Name”

Step 6: Attachments, Messages, Video Calls, & Calls 

You can add Attachments, Messages, Video Calls, & Calls


Instagram even allows IG Group Chat users to connect via Video Calls or Phone Calls. You can find this feature available right adjacent to the Group Name, above in the top right corner. 

Below the message box, you get a few interactive add-ons (e.g.. emoji, heart, and media to upload an attachment)

With these extra features, Instagram wants to make sure that every needed item is readily accessible in one place. 

How to Leave a Group Chat on Instagram?

Below is a short brief on how to leave a group on Instagram when you want to exit a group chat. 

Step 1: Selecting the (i) icon

Selecting the (i) icon


Right adjacent to the Group Name, you’ll obtain an (i) icon, click on it. This will take you to an IG page where you can commence further setups. 

Step 2: Select Leave Chat or Delete Chat

Select Leave Chat or Delete Chat


After clicking the (i) option, and getting an IG page, you will obtain two options “leave chat” or “delete chat”

  • By selecting “leave chat” you will take exit from the group and hereafter you will no longer receive any message or notification from the IG group chat. 
  • By selecting “delete chat” all activities happening in the IG group chat will be deleted except our own Chat Box while they will still be visible in the Chat Box of other group members. 

How to Add People to Group Chat?

In case you wish to add more people to the group, you can use the given below steps – 

Step 1: Select the (i) Icon

Select the (i) Icon


Simply log in to your account and head to the “message option” and then your “group” to which you want to add more people. In the top right corner, click on the (i) icon which will take you to an IG page. 

Step 2: Click on the “Add People” option 

Click on the “Add People” option


On this IG page, you will obtain the feature “Add people.” The page will even disclose to you a list of members already available in the IG Group.  

Step 3: Add People 

Add People


Make a careful selection while adding new people to the IG Group Chat and click on the “Next” button. By doing so, you will finally get your new members in your recently created Instagram group chat. 

Removing, Blocking a Person from Group & Making New Admin

In case you have mistakenly included an IG account into your group or have ended up including someone who you don’t want to be a member of the IG Group or if you want to transfer the admin ownership of the IG group to someone, follow the steps below – 

Removing, Blocking a Person from Group & Making New Admin


Step 2: Select the (…) Icon

Select the (…) Icon


Step 3: Remove From Group, Make Admin, or Block  

Remove From Group, Make Admin, or Block


Select the option as per your need. The removal and blocking process will be done individually to make sure you don’t make a wrong selection. 

Muting Group Messages, Calls & Naming Groups, or Moving a Group

In case you don’t want to leave the group, but you also don’t want the IG group message to disturb you during an important moment of the day, you can try the following settings.  

Step 1: Select the Group for the Settings

Select the Group for the Settings


Log-in to your IG account, select “messages” and then log in to your group. 

Step 2: Select the (i) Icon

Select the (i) Icon


At the top right corner, adjacent to your IG group, click on the (i) button. 

Step 3: Make the Settings

Make the Settings


In the page above, you will notice “mute messages” upon selecting which will mute all message notifications from the IG group chat. 

Right below it, you will notice “mute call notification” upon selecting which will mute all incoming calls from the IG Group. You can select both or choose any particular. 

Below these two, you will notice the “move to general” option upon a selection that will shift your IG Group from the “primary tab” to the “general tab.” You might be selecting this option when a group is no longer that important. 


You’ll finally find your IG group in full action. If the article has answered your query about how to make a group on Instagram, don’t forget to view our other posts. 

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