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How To Clear Browser Cache On Windows 10?

Last Updated : 22 Oct, 2022
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Cache memory stores info data. It remembers or helps the software or hardware load faster for systems. Sometimes this memory can be damaged or corrupted, this having problems in systems to load. So it’s better to clean from time to time. Now We will see a clear browser cache on Windows 10. Below are some steps to clear browser cache files on Windows 10. 


Step 1:  Press Window + R and type cleanmgr and hit ctrl + shift + Enter.

Run command


Step 2: Select Disk Which is Installed windows main system

Drive Selection


Step 3: Click the OK On Button. 

Disk cleanup



In this article, we have learned about removing cache file data from your Chrome browser on Windows 10. You can also follow these steps to remove your computer’s cache files on different kinds of apps and software that you are using on your computer.

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