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How Technology is Transforming the Hiring Process?

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 01 Sep, 2021
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Technology is helping a lot nowadays as we may now communicate at a stroke across the globe straight away. This communication isn’t only essential in daily lives but in the recruitment process too as the process won’t acquire innovation and excellence in the absence of communication. But the fact is that to acquire such excellence plus innovation, amazing transformation via technological databases needs to be imbibed all of a sudden. Through this, every individual working for the HIRING departments would become an unstoppable force thereby helping themselves as well as the job seekers escape from the problems faced at the times of recruitment in expected or unexpected ways.  


Are you still trying to spot the traces of technology in the process of hiring an individual capable of solving the business challenges there and then? These types of questions need to be answered promisingly so that not only our personal but also our professional lives are benefitted with no excuses. For doing the same, let’s know a bit about the few listed below points telling us how technology is resourcefully and incompetently changing the dimensions of the hiring process and helping the candidates get placed in their dream companies without any biasedness.

1. Technology Will Now be a Catalyst to Candidates’ Background Checks

Candidates’ Background Checks are a vital part of the HIRING PROCESS. This is because it helps corporate people or employers verify the address, criminal records, gaps during the job tenure, and much more in a non-time consuming and efficient manner. Curious to sense how it has been simplified by Technology! A background check software if installed by the corporate people and integrated with ATS i.e. Application Tracking Software (it is a software tracking well every detail of a job-seeker) acts as a catalyst during the hiring process. Moreover, there is no need to worry about the documentation handover since missing documents are identified well even in extreme cases.  

2. Technology Can be Coupled Up Well with Talent Identification

Talent Identification can be related to finding the best and deserving talent faster. Nowadays, Technology has reached that advanced level where it can couple up well with sorting, managing, and then, selecting the best talents amongst the local or international candidates applying for the relevant posts worldwide. With the available systems or software supporting the hiring of the best talents, it has now become much easier for the hiring managers to not keep the best and goal-oriented candidates waiting for longer periods, say months or years sometimes. Through all those tools, the cost spent on hiring every talented candidate is also reduced, and through technology, the vacancy is filled as soon as it opens up.

3. Technology is Making the Entire Hiring Process Faster & Cost-Efficient

Hiring Process had been draining a lot of individuals either they had worked for the HR Departments or some operational processes deriving profit-oriented outcomes at critical times. As per the economic research of GlassDoor, approximately 22 or 23 days is the time required for the completion of the US Hiring Process. In the case of Government Jobs, an average time of 53.8 days is there to fill the vacancies with speedier decisions. What if Video Interviewing Technology is mixed well with the existing hiring process? If this is done, it can promisingly make the process not only faster but cost-efficient too because, across the globe, candidates can be shortlisted and contacted faster than we think! Henceforth, the hiring process will now be becoming more manageable when technology (VIDEO INTERVIEWING) opens its wings and accomplishes all tasks associated with hiring an individual for the role available.  

4. Technology is Reducing Biasedness during the Hiring Process

Biasedness in Hiring Process implies forming an opinion about a candidate’s potential on the absolute basis of first impressions. Though there are other types of biasedness during the process (of hiring) like confirmation bias, overconfidence bias, yet the one emerging based on the first impression is popular since it has deteriorated the quality of HIRING a lot. With the aid named AI technology, all sorts of complexities/ambiguities while acquiring the best talents are eradicated since predictive modeling algorithms used in Artificially Intelligent software are capable of creating HIGH-PERFORMING workforce comprising of utmost uniqueness in skills and data-driven personalization. What else do the hiring managers or other senior members of the Human Resource Department require for enabling continuous improvement in their HIRING results?

5. Technology is Enhancing the Candidate Experience    

Candidate Experience can only be enhanced and enriched with Candidate-Relationship Management whose visibility is visible in real-time hiring. This is because, in today’s world, the more personal the RECRUITER becomes, the more smooth will be the INTERVIEW PROCESS and then, ONBOARDING. Thinking about what role technology will play here? Many recruitment automation platforms like Expertitie, Slack, QuickBooks, and BambooHR when accepted and applied in real-time have offered confidence to recruiters as well as candidates on the grounds of personalization. So, both of them will now be able to interact with each other and continue discussions on points like the type of job offered, level of complexity in the application submitted, and much more. Thus, technology has made candidate experience countable by sincerely reflecting a person’s (job seeker’s) feelings towards the open positions in the HIRING PROCESS.

6. Technology is in the Favour of Instant Availability of Recruitment Data

INSTANT AVAILABILITY OF RECRUITMENT DATA can be spotted in interview schedules, its feedbacks, and the job roles associated. Trying to meditate how technology favors that! Multiple software is there which precisely archives the data of a job seeker without making compromises on SECURITY. And a thing which one can’t avoid is that you can revisit such software for the sake of fulfilling the present or future requirements of the HIRING process. The same technique is used by HR individuals and other members working in the operations team thereby letting the technology favor the process of recruitment anywhere, anytime.  

7. Technology has Smoothened the Knowledge Transfer Process

In yesteryears, the KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER process took three weeks or more. This was because, in the absence of technology, it was really a challenging task to analyze the status of a candidate and side-by-side, understanding the requirements of positions benefitting multiple business verticals. But today, via recruitment databases supporting technology, even a newbie can smoothly plus efficiently acquire the knowledge like skills, expertise, and behavior of the previous employees. All this is making the recruitment process more interactive, intuitive, plus user-friendly since a newbie now need not struggle for weeks or months to know exactly what its offered role may demand and how he/she would be reciprocating it in real-times?  

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