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Get Hired at CaratLane – Exclusive Job-a-Thon Hiring For SDE-2 Role

Last Updated : 17 Oct, 2022
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Caratlane, India’s first omnichannel jewelry brand is hiring for a Senior Software Engineer (SDE – 2) through the Get Hired with GeeksforGeeks portal. Calling out the SDEs who are looking to switch or grow their career. The best part of this opportunity? You can work on the frontend, backend, full stack, or mobile apps and can pretty much choose to work on any of the platforms or even propose your own project or technology. 

SDE 2 Job At CaratLane - GeeksfoGeeks Job-a-thon

About CaratLane

CaratLane was founded in 2008, by Mithun Sacheti and Srinivasa Gopalan, with a simple but courageous objective – to make beautiful jewelry accessible, affordable, and forever wearable. With a strategic investment from Titan Company Limited, CaratLane is now partners with India’s largest retail jeweler Tanishq

The partnership aims to work towards a common mission – to offer customers beautiful jewelry and a distinctive shopping experience that fits today’s values and lifestyles – enabling CaratLane to grow as India’s 21st-century jewelry brand. Most of the company’s products are homegrown with ERP, CRM, Financial, supply chain, and Sales systems. They all together make for the BTS (behind the scenes) of world-class jewelry that CaratLane makes. 


The company is looking to hire someone who has hands-on experience in the: 

  • Any modern programming language like Ruby on Rails, Node, Java, Python, C++, or C#.
  • Any frontend JavaScript framework like react.js, vue.js, angular, or react-native.
  • Any modern SQL Database like MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, or Postgres.
  • A sound foundation in Data Structure, Algorithms, and System Design.


  • Any graduate or post-graduate degree with 2-8 years of experience.
  • You should love writing code and building solutions for common problems.
  • Experience with Agile or Scrum software development methodologies is a huge plus.

How to Apply?

  1. You need to click this link  – Job-A-Thon Exclusive: Hiring for CaratLane.
  2. Register for the contest and fill in your personal details and work experience.
  3. Carefully review the instructions for the contest given on the page before applying for the position.

Instructions for the Contest

  • This contest consists of 4 parts :
    • 3 DSA coding problems – 100 marks
    • 5 MCQ on Programming Logic – 25 marks
    • 5 MCQ on Logical Reasoning – 25 marks
    • 5 MCQ on Quantitative Aptitude – 25 marks
  • Only individual participation is allowed in this Job-A-Thon.
  • Interview shortlisting will be done by specific companies based on their own criteria.
  • Languages supported for the DSA problems are C++, Java, and Python.
  • Each submission will be tested based on our critical test data.
  • There is a 5% penalty for each wrong submission. For example, if a problem is of 100 marks and a participant makes a wrong submission, his marks are reduced to 95. After the next wrong submission of the same problem, his marks are further reduced to 90.25, and so on. Therefore, it is suggested to use ‘Compile & Test’ against sample test cases before each submission.
  • Please refrain from discussing strategy during the contest. All submissions are run through a plagiarism detector. Any case of code plagiarism will reduce the score of the concerned participants to 0.
  • No leaderboard will be released for this contest. You can view your individual score in the summary section after the contest.
  • Entries submitted by candidates after the contest is closed will not be considered.
  • It is advised to attempt the Sample Geeks Challenge to get familiar with the GeeksforGeeks coding environment.

CaratLane believes that an engineer who has a passion to understand how things work and how to make them better is a true asset. Last but not least, working with the unicorn in the jewelry industry and deep diving into systemic problems will give you the much-needed challenge and push you need to excel in your field. Don’t let any second thoughts stop you from applying and register now

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