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How Google is Using Artificial Intelligence?

  • Last Updated : 25 Jun, 2021

We all are familiar with the revolution Google has made in the age of the internet where the second layer of COVID-19 has offered destruction in an anonymous way. The major role in this revolution is of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning both. However, many of us are confused that Artificial Intelligence [AI] and Machine Learning [ML] are poles apart. This statement will be enlightening our minds,” AI implies ways of making things smarter while ML is helping things/machines with the learnings/approaches which can really make them smart”. With this statement, it is clear that ML is a sub-part of AI and hence, it will be difficult for us to neglect the contributions Google has displayed with the support of both – AI and ML.  


Now, you may be curious thinking, whether we are using the applications of Google-powered by Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning!! The answer is Yes for sure and there are many applications. For now, we will be discussing the ways Google has leveraged concepts of Artificial Intelligence in real-times which are assertively surpassing the accuracy and speed of Human Intelligence.  

1. Search Engine of Google

In our daily chores, we are in a constant search typically or non-typically. The reason is obvious- seek the information which can hassle-free simplify such hustles. Have you ever given a thought about how the internet is empowering such searches – one of the answers could be the search engine of Google!!  

To explain this better, we may relate them with a questionnaire. A questionnaire has multiple questions and for each question, there is a choice of answers. Depending upon the number of questions, questionnaires, and the choices-of-answers increase or decrease!! Similarly, Google’s search engine generates answers to your questions with choice/choices of answers in the form of websites consisting of articles or some videos mapping and solving your questions well. And all this is backed by robust and data-driven algorithms dependent on the efficient concepts of Artificial Intelligence. Those algorithms have a defined set of rules which are changed by Google if the need arises. In addition to all of this, if the market trends change and the query which you searched becomes critical, Deep Learning AI (i.e. Artificial Intelligence) predicts those trends and analyzes the related statistics. Through them, the user (either you or well-known personalities) have refined answers for their questions along with the proofs which are still existing!!

2. Gmail

Sending and receiving the messages are like fluffs that establish the communication strongly. Whether you are planning to make a mess or solving it at the same time, messages can’t be ignored. “Hey Rodger, Can u compile this report urgently coz senior members are coming?”, Linda, Are you still busy managing the existing count of our department?” there could be messages like them which one needs to send for clear and time-saving communication.  

Google understood this in the early 20s and came up with Google-Mail which we call Gmail in our daily lives. Depending upon the type of email communication (i.e. Non-verbal, Visual, Verbal), this multi-purpose application predicts the tones and related emotions of your content and offers suggestions. And all the credit goes to smart composition and smart replies embedded by Artificial Intelligence onto your Gmail accounts!! Either you greet someone or ask a question, AI does all that for you with lesser or no supervision. The possibility of not understanding the user’s intent is almost negligible because the self-awareness depicted by the AI-engaged algorithms of the Gmail application is receptive towards your active participation in one-O-one or many-One conversations over the emails. So, on an overall basis, Gmail is your true friend who rationalizes your actions well and helps you achieve your personal and professional goals through well-researched and impactful messages conveyed in the form of emails.

3. Google Maps  

In the old times, we were much dependent on the paper map or the suggestions of people well-versed with the tracks of our destinations. But with that, the problem was we never reached on time to our spots. Now, you need not seek such suggestions from the people or a paper Map as Google Maps has solved the related difficulties.  

With territories and over 220 countries like Delhi, the United States, Pakistan, Australia, etcetera one can affordably reach the places already decided. You may curiously ask about the technology embedded and the answer for this is Artificial Intelligence. The main concept is global localization which is relying on AI. This helps Google Maps understand your current or futuristic orientation. Later, it lets the application precisely spot your longitudinal and latitudinal extent and as you or your vehicle proceed further, Google Maps starts localizing hundreds of trillions of street views. As you keep on traversing, the application announces a series of suggestions thereby helping you reach a shopping mall, airport, or other transit stations. Apart from this, you can prepare a list of places you will visit, set routing options as per your preferences, explore the Street View option in Live mode, and so on. With such assistance, you need not see what others can do for you else!!    

4. Google Ads

Businesses are always looking for advertising solutions that can promote their products and associated services scalably and cost-effectively. But have you ever wondered what is the biggest challenge even after they have found some platform? That challenge is optimization according to the allotted metrics. There, Google Ads comes to the rescue and lets those businesses leverage the graphs of their growth!!  

With this application, there are ads like display ads, search ads, video ads that run in the form of a campaign. Budget and other constraints are there associated, but the businesses need not worry because their monitoring and relevancy are driven by Artificially Intelligent algorithms well-versed with computational thinking and general intelligence. What the owners need to do now is track those campaigns and manage the budgets according to the suggestions delivered by Google Ads in real-time. All those suggestions are estimated through real-time statistics somewhere inclining towards AI. Through this, business owners can understand what their customers or target audience (which are segmented according to their age, income, gender, interest) are demanding and how they should deliver that through the products or services listed well on their websites.

5. Google News

Everyone in today’s world is eager to get up-to-date coverage of news. Whether the news is hard, straight, editorial, or any other type, it won’t be avoided because this is an indirect sort of public opinion. Newspapers are important but what about the paper used to prepare the newspaper — isn’t it a challenge in the form of environmental pollution?

Keeping this in mind, what one can do is access the online news feeds and this is made ready by Google via Google News. Not only the news, but it also generates recommendations which the Newspaper fails to reciprocate. All this has been made possible by the robust and self-aware algorithms of Artificial Intelligence used in this application which let us read the political, economical, and social insights impacting the world knowingly or unknowingly. Indeed, our upcoming generation will entertain such useful insights somewhere influenced by the saved searches of your Google accounts.

6. NestCam OutDoor

There are many awkward or non-awkward situations you may encounter with somebody someday!! That day could either be the week-offs or the weekdays all depending upon luck impacting your lifestyle. Still thinking if I could capture those moments and make a burst of pretty good laughter on that later when I have some free time — NestCam Outdoor won’t make you feel embarrassed and accept your smile graciously.  

This is powered by Google which looks after the area where you have confined its surveillance. Even if you are away and worried about security, its feeds driven by error-free, unsupervised, and speedier algorithms of Artificial Intelligence will keep you up-to-date about such tricky situations. You may expect a handshake with its weatherproof security which can potentially notify you with its live streams. At times someone tries to make you feel awkward, the security of NestCam can beautifully unplug all your worries so that you may do broadcasting using the Internet whose speed is more than a few Mbps configured well by your ISP – Internet Service Provider.

7. Google Duplex

Struggling with the reservation of a haircut or trying to pay for the movie ticket which your friends have been dreaming of for months!! Google Duplex can help you with all these and much more since its AI assistant will be working for you round-the-clock. Not only me or you but there are other businesses who may face challenges with the reservations and phone calls’ management.  

The response of Duplex powered by Google will be taking care of even without having an interaction with the person in real. The AI voice used in it has self-awareness towards the pauses and breaks which a human asks for during the conversation. This feature of Google Duplex really works hard through those moments so that more and more users may be connected with the existing operations in a better way. And who can forget about the small businesses when it comes to online management of existing operations and the associated assets? There, Duplex is commendable in assisting such small businesses well during their business ventures. If in case there are some incidents of mismanagement, this artificially intelligent business aid will be handling that without demanding any guidance or additional costs.  

8. DialogFlow

Integrating the designs of competitors may work in the short run but if the businesses want to flourish for longer times, then they need to adopt an understanding platform. You could be the one thinking, “Is this the right time for knowing more about such resource-oriented platforms conversing well with the business verticals?” Yes, it’s time to empower business with DialogFlow powered by the artificially intelligent cloud-based designs of Google.

Even the experienced professionals looking for some rich and intuitive support must accept the functionalities of this tool. With this, you will learn how to build and deploy agents virtually? Doesn’t that initiative sound great from a business perspective!! Why not because this is available over the credible sources in versions like Dialogflow CX (advanced) & Dialogflow ES (standard). Through those, small, large, or mid-sized businesses can customize their dashboards well and adopt state-based visualizations which can be used advantageously over digital channels. And there is much more about those versions which you will be learning only after optimizing your businesses with its flow-based and bug-free modules primarily involved with multi-purpose benefits of Deep Learning and AI.

9. TensorFlow

Getting started with something which can provide an ecosystem of techniques won’t let the human minds interfere much. Moreover, this can save our precious time for sure!! But what if its disciplines are really complex and the masses can’t adopt them? Will that be a suitable choice [in the form of better half] for the existing businesses? There is nothing wrong in asking these and for handling them well, TensorFlow has come up with numeric computations and large-scale training models which can refine the operations well.

This is created by Google Brain Team and offers a convenient framework for all your business applications. It’s not like that there are some restrictions for the people using this open-source business aid. But the point is that if you have some sort of interest in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks and can relate this with real-time use cases, this will help you a lot in detecting the variable patterns of the current market. Besides, there are other motives for which developers use this – sentiment analysis, flaw detection, voice search, and voice recognition. Thus, with this ecosystem, researchers or enterprise owners may expect scalability and performance-oriented results as TensorFlow will be adding value to the business applications which are powered by Deep Learning or Artificial Intelligence.    

10. ConnectErra

The only mission of Google is to organize information existing in a structured or unstructured format in this world in such a way that the universe may access that usefully and meaningfully. Maybe, many of us think about such ways and make plans for discussing the associated implementation, but Google has accessed that. The solution Google has offered is like possibly saving a rainforest just by listening to it!! Such deforestation in businesses is prohibited by ConnectErra – an AI-powered application that has helped farming businesses in making their senses better.

It has added value in the lives of farmers as they can now maintain and monitor their livestock’s movement. Other than that, this application has streamlined the dairy’s operations well by recommending the necessary solutions after identifying the real-time farming issues. What do you think the farmers need at this point – checking the feeds about the genetic or non-genetic disorders of their animals? This has also been made possible with Predictive Intelligence used in this dynamic and multi-purpose Google application. Now, nobody can give a try to stop those farmers from harnessing the magic of AI technology in their daily routines. Through this, an introduction of those farmers to game-changing productive habits for their animals will be featuring their aspirations related to livestock management confidently and proactively.  

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