Hexaware Technologies Interview Experience | Set 1 (Fresher)

Hi, This is my personal experience  in the recruitment process of hexaware tech one of the real good place to start IT career as a fresher. Had the interview in Saveetha Univ Chennai as usual. Great numbers came for the walk in that day. I will say the tips that make the edge so that you might end up getting the offer in Hexaware

Round 1: Written Aptitude Logical Test

This is a difference maker as it brings down the numbers 1000 people come in after this test only 200 will be considered, so be smart and careful. General aptitude basic maths, basic logical questions and some graph qs. Most important thing is Write an Essay . Here your English is observed Grammatical errors, sentence formation, if you mess it up, its over. Or else we proceed


Round 2: GD 

This the next big thing, for reducing the numbers in my case 25 were participating only 5 got through, be smart and make sure your speech stand out than the rest, yet be polite to others while keeping your views.

Round 3: Technical and 4th HR

Now Technical show your strength is the tip I can give, show to them the areas you are strong at, Talk in a polite manner and convey that you are passionate for  a job there not desperate and your knowledgeable too. If your not technically sound, be careful that you need to show them code wise where you are strong at, since you have to impress the one in front of you. And then HR is a cake walk as some basic questions.

Hexaware Recruitment is tricky and it can take you down at any time, but be smart throughout and take one round at a time relax your mind.. you will be In !

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