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Hexaware Technologies Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 19 Apr, 2022
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Hexaware Technologies was recruiting through their GET Selection Process. I applied through the Superset portal. In this hiring process, there were 3 rounds specified below:

Round 1: Online Aptitude Test (45 Mins) + Tech Domain Test (30 Mins): Round 1 Consists of two Tests.

  • Aptitude Test (Three Sections: English, Analytical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude): There were 45 questions in this test and 45 mins to solve. (Difficulty: Easy-Medium).
  • Domain Test (Two Sections: Pseudocode and Computer Fundamentals): There were 30 questions and 30 mins to solve. (15 questions from each section). (Difficulty: Very Easy).

There was no negative marking in Round 1. Round 1 was held on cocubes. I gave Round 1 on March 29, 2022; and on the next day, I got a mail for the next round i.e. Communication Assessment.

Round 2: Communication Test (45 mins): Round 2 consists of 4 sections, the total questions were 67 and the timing was of 45mins. There was no negative marking for this round. My Round 2 was on March 31, 2022.

  • Reading.
  • Listening.
  • Telling a Story. Complete the sentence.
  • Answer questions based on a spoken paragraph (Notes were allowed to be taken).

Round 2 was held on the platform Mettl. On April 2, 2022; I came to know that I have also cleared this round through Superset profile and have got an offer from Hexaware Technologies Limited for the Segue – Hiring 2023 Batch position.

Round 3: HR Discussion (30 mins): Round 3 will happen after the training period. The training period is of 6 months.

That’s all.

Thank you.

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