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Hashedln by Deloitte Interview Experience for SDE Intern+FTE | Off-Campus 2021

Last Updated : 17 Mar, 2021
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Round 1(Online Coding Test): It consists of 3 questions:

  1. The first question was related to DP and mathematics(Hard)
  2. Second was related to string and math(Medium)
  3. Third was related to math(Easy)

I was able to solve 1 completely and 1 partially.

Round 2(Technical Interview Round 1): As I join the interview they first asked me to explain my project. Then, they discussed about how my project will work and about some other queries related to it. They were so impressed with my project.

After the project discussion, they share Google Docs and ask me to share my screen.

  1. The first question was a slight modification of Leaders in an Array. They asked me to dry run my code on various test-cases and also asked me to tell its time and space complexity.
  2. First I solved this question in O(n) space and O(n) time then they asked me to optimize it and solve it without extra space.
  3. This question was similar to reverse the Linked List.
  4. Here they give me a pseudo-code and asked me to do its asymptotic analysis and find out its time and space complexity.

Round 3(Technical Interview Round 2):

  1. First, he asked me to introduce myself.
  2. Then, he told me that as you know this is design round so design a music player like Spotify. 
    • First, I have designed the database using tables and Primary and Foreign Keys.
    • Then, he told me to write the code for it and told me that before I write the code tell me that which data structure will you use and why?
  3. Then, he discussed with me around 10 to 15 min that why am I using particular DS and why not someone else and what will be the problem in a particular data structure, and how will certain DS perform in case of various operations like searching, adding, deleting the songs in the music player.
  4. Then, he told me to write the code for a playlist of this music player with all possible operations.
  5. After that, he gives me a pseudo-code and asks me to do its asymptotic analysis and find out its time-complexity.

I was not able to answer this question correctly then he gives me some hints, and then I was able to answer it. Some of my friends have to give 3 technical rounds, but I have to give only 2.

Round 4(HR Round):

  1. First, he asked me about my family and family members.
  2. Then, he asked me to introduce myself.
  3. Then, he asked about my projects and the challenges faced during them.
  4. Then, he asked me that why I have chosen the CSE branch in Engineering and why not other branches.
  5. Then, he asked me to tell him about any failure in my life and how I managed with it.
  6. Then, he asked me that why I want to join Hashedln and what are my aspirations from Hashedln. 

Tips: They focused more on your problem-solving approach. So, you must be good at problem-solving and must be aware of your solution like why are you using any particular data structure and why other approaches are not good.

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