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Grofers Interview Experience | Set 5 (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 19 Oct, 2015
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Grofers On Campus Interview Experience :

Round 1 : (Online test) Section-wise time

Online test was amcat which consisted of quant,verbal,LR etc. and 2 coding q’s. (Sectional wise cut offs were present).
Q. Rat and maze problem (not backtracking ,rat can move just right and down).
Q. Implementation of quick sort (In built sort doesn’t work).

Round 2 : (F2F) 30min.

Q. 26 identical coins in weight and 1 different coin (lighter or heavier than those 26) .Have to find out those one different coin in min number of comparisons.Also if it is lighter or heavier.
Q. Given a pile of coins and 2 players can remove either 1,2,…,5 from the pile in his chance.Player to pick last coin loses the game.What would your strategy be?

Round 3: (F2F)

Discussion on Resume and Projects.
Q. Derive merge sort complexity.
Q. Quick sort vs Merge sort. Pivot choices in Quick sort? Asked how to find the median when i told about pivot as median.
– Told about quickselect method.
Q. Different methods to obtain fibonacci series , Space complexity of fibonacci recursion.
Q. Implement Min in stack in O(1).
Q. Indexing in database. Different methods of indexing . When to use method1 ?,when method 2 ? etc..

Round 4 : (HR)

Routine HR round.

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