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Google Interview Experience | Set 3 (Mountain View)

Last Updated : 04 Jun, 2019
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About myself: I was contacted on Linkedin by a Google recruiter. I have 4 years of experience.

Phone screen
1) Manually calculate bits in 146
2) Tell difference between big-endian and little-endian

Actual questions
1) kth largest element in array
2) Find minimum number of steps to reach the end of array from start (array value shows how much you can move). DP question

Next day recruiter called me for onsite interview.
I scheduled my onsite interview after 30 days to give myself sufficient time to prepare.

Onsite interview

Round 1
1) Design question based on storing images.Stress on performance and scale.
2) Divide number and return result in form of a string. e.g 100/3 result should be 33.(3) Here 3 is in brackets because it gets repeated continuously and 5/10 should be 0.5.

Round 2
1) Median of stream of numbers
2) Question like pancake sorting where you can only swap to sort an array of characters.

Round 3
1) Find count of a number in sorted array.
2) Design two player battleship game to be played over internet

Round 4
1) Design question based on wearable devices.
2) Draw a line on 2D array of boolean. You will be given start point and end point co-ordinates.

Round 5
1) Compare two documents(string array) based on n grams.
e.g doc1 – Today is Sunday.
doc2 – Today is Saturday
if n = 2 then number of duplicates is 1 (Today is)
if n = 1 then number of duplicates is (Today, is)
if n = 3 duplicates is 0

Final comments – You must do graphs, DP, string, array, bits and Link list questions from geeksforgeeks.

Design questions are much harder to answer than it seems. Prepare hard for them.

I appeal geeksforgeeks team to post more questions on design.

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