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Money View Interview Experience for SDE (Internship+FTE)

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 Moneyview Visited our Campus (Vit Vellore) in November of 2021.

They were offering 2 roles – SDE and Data Scientist.

Round 1: Online Test (Eligibility Criteria was 8 Cgpa)-800 students were shortlisted For This Round.

  • Exam was conducted on HirePro Platform.
  • Exam Consisted of 30 MCQS – Non-Techincal (Logical Reasoning and  Aptitude). 
  • Time Constraint is the Main problem in this round, Have to be very fast in solving the problems. Practicing Mcqs From Indiabix will be very helpful in solving the questions for this round.

2 Coding Questions:

  1. Calculate Cycle Length of all integers between 2 Integers and print the max cycle length – Easy Difficulty.
  2. Find all occurences of String A or anagrams of String A occuring in String B ( Medium Difficulty.

1 Subjective Question- A real Life Problem Statement was given and we were supposed to write an Algorithm on how we would go about in solving the problem.

Round 2: Technical Interview(DS ALGO ROUND) – 1 hour (100 students were shortlisted for this round)

  • Interviewer Was Very Friendly. Started With General Introduction. 
  • Then Started asking questions related to my projects. As both my projects were related to ML and NLP he asked a few questions about accuracy, precision, how f1 score is calculated, and how can a machine learning model be assessed. 
  • What TF-IDF means?

After Some Questions on Resume interviewer seemed Content and moved onto DSA question.


I took around 30 mins to solve the problem.Interviewer was very helpful, and even though i couldn’t completely solve the question i came up with an approach that was passing more than 3/4th of the test cases and interviewer was satisifed.

Round 3: Technical /Managerial Round (Resume probing and puzzles – 1 Hour): Interviewer was the Tech Lead at Moneyview and after a quick introduction started asking questions about my resume and what i knew about the company

  1. What does Moneyview do?
  2. I had an internship based on kafka so he asked questions on kafka (Why and where it is used and why people are preferring it)
  3. Explain ACID guarantees.
  4. Use of Static Keyword.
  5. Difference Between Const and enum.
  6. Why Exception handling is used and what is the use of custom exception in java.
  7. How can we use Machine Learning Concepts in Moneyview?( I told him regression models can be used To analyse the credit score for availing the instant loan for the user)- he was satisfied with the answer.
  8. Managerial –  How will u persuade us in using new tech when u find out that new and better tech can be used for solving the problems. 
  9. Interviewer seemed very content with my answers and finally asked one puzzle: 

Round 4(HR Round): This round was very chill, almost like a formality to know how interested i was in the offer, the HR asked me about my family background, my schooling, why i chose Engineering and few other general questions.

In 5 days Results were announced and i was selected along with 8 others for the SDE role. They Also picked 5 students for the Data Science Role. 

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Last Updated : 16 Jan, 2022
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