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Google Interview Experience | Set 4

Last Updated : 04 Jun, 2019
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Though I didn’t clear google but I want to share my Google interview experience , so it can help other’s . Please find my interview experience below:

My Google Interview Experience for Software Developer Position [Android Core Team], London, United Kingdom

Like many other enthusiastic engineers, I too applied for a job at Google. I know that its very difficult that a resume gets noticed by google.
Suddenly, one fine day I received a Mail( “Hello from Google !”) from Google’s HR saying that they are interested in my profile and asked me if I was ready to go ahead with the interview process[Come on! you cant say no to Google].

Round1(Phone interview) :

By:Talent Scout @Google:

* Questions from Project :
Spell Corrector:
How it works , Bigram and ngram model approach, etc.

* Why should one use merge sort over quick sort and vice-versa.

* You have a very large array of ‘Person’ objects .Sort the people in increasing order of age .

General :

Then came the exciting part when he asked me to choose location b/w Google Paris(Text-Speech Team) or Google London(Android Core Team).

He explained how Google work’s on their projects !

About Google interview process ( 2-3 phone interview + 4-5 onsite interview in London ).

Round2:(Phone interview + coding on shared google doc)

By:Software Developer @Google :

* Questions from Project:
Bi-directional Sync b/w mysql and sqilte db.

* Given a number , check if it can be represented in 5^n form , where n is positive integer .

* Given a string of words with lots of spaces between the words , remove all the unnecessary spaces like

  input:  I   live   on     earth  
  output: I live on earth

Round3:(Phone interview + coding on shared google doc)

By:Software developer @Google :

* Optimize a^b

* How would you split a search query across multiple machines?

* You need to develop the game Snake. What data structures will you use? Code your solution.

Some additional hints for the interview:

Clarify the question – make sure you understand everything.

Try to find the most efficient solution.

Come up with solutions quickly: even if its a brute force solution. Always iterate away from the original solution.

Before you start coding explain why you’re approaching it that way ,its ok to start off with a naive solution and try to make it more efficient.

Explain the rationale behind the steps you are doing.

Think out loud, keep things technical. The engineers will give you hints: take a hint! They are there to help you!

Always write “compilable” code.

Mind edge cases. Find bugs in your code.


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