Mountain Trail Foods Pvt Ltd (ChaiPoint) Interview Experience | On-Campus

(Campus – October 2019) at VIT University

Screening Test – This test consisted of 40 question in total. 20 Aptitude and 20 basic coding output related problems.

For Aptitude I suggest you go through geeksforgeeks aptitude page – This will clear all your concepts.

For Coding output question go through this link.

373 students gave the test out of which 64 were selected for further process.

Pen and paper coding round –  There were two sets and each set consisted of 2 questions. Question were related to arrays and were pretty basic. We were given an hour to solve it but even with a basic coding background you could do those questions in 15-20 minutes. The real problem was to make your program as efficient as you can because in the end they selected people who gave the best results according to time complexity.

Out of the 64, 33 were selected for further rounds.

Technical Interview- 1

The interview started off with a “Introduce Yourself ” question. Then the interviewer gave me a question: Two arrays, one sorted in ascending order and the other in descending order, Merge them in ascending order. I found a similar question on geeksforgeeks, here is the link.(My question was a bit different). The interviewer expected the answer in most efficient time complexity terms. Then I was asked questions related to SQL: Find the 2nd highest salary from the salary column in the employee table. You can study nested queries from geeksforgeeks.

Technical Interview – 2

In this interview round I was asked the Trapping Rain Water Problem. No problems explaining that. Then I was asked Find Excel column name from a given column number.

I wasn’t aware of this problem before but I was able to come up with a solution. Then I was asked to wait for the next round.

Technical Interview – 3

In this round the interviewer asked me Count all possible paths from top left to bottom right of a mXn matrix. I was able to give solutions for some test case where ‘n’ and ‘m’ are not same, I was able to show patterns there but I couldn’t solve the whole problem. Then the interviewer asked me about my projects. He was mostly interested in my movie recommendation system project. I explained him how I tried to convert this project into a survey paper by comparing different type of methodologies. I explained all the methodologies to the interviewer as well. After this I was asked to wait for the HR round.

HR Interview

Introduce yourself. What is your aim in life? What has been your learning curve in VIT? Hobbies, Interests. What makes you stand out from the crowd?

Such question were asked, then the interviewer asked me if I had any questions for her. I asked if there was any service agreement bond and how long had she been working for Chaipoint and how has her experience been so far.

After a 10 hour long process they announced the result. Unfortunately, I wasn’t selected. They selected 4 people from the last 6. 3 Interns and 1 Intern+Full Time.

Hope this article helped you, Good Luck!!


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