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Difference between Google Jamboard and Microsoft Whiteboard

Last Updated : 25 Feb, 2023
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A digital whiteboard is a two-dimensional display area that makes use of digital design. Unlike traditional whiteboards, which employ tangible material such as markers to generate content, digital whiteboards generally include a stylus or other tool for users to create digital writing, drawings, or designs. Digital whiteboards are a collaborative virtual place where teams may not only discuss new ideas but also get on the same page to increase team alignment and build action plans. Through capabilities like as freehand sketching, adding shapes and lines, and a limitless canvas, these tools foster creativity and stimulate innovation, helping teams to more readily produce ideas that propel the organization ahead. Meetings become more dynamic when team members can all speak out, sharing real-time opinions and comments on everything from innovative solutions to changes in a product roadmap to strategic planning for the new year.

Google Jamboard

Google created Jamboard, a fantastic (and free) application for group digital whiteboarding. It is a smart display that functions like a whiteboard by letting you draw with the convenience of your own devices, draw from Google search results, save work to the cloud, and jot down ideas and thoughts. It is not possible to resize the slide that serves as the Jamboard work area. One document can include up to 20 slides. Brushes, an eraser, a cursor, stickers, the ability to insert photos, shapes, and text, as well as a laser pointer, are all available to the user to fill and manipulate objects on a slide. You can use brushes to draw on a work area. The user has access to four brushes: a pen, a felt-tip pen, a marker, and a brush. You can just alter the brush’s color, unlike Microsoft Whiteboard. You may also add photographs, and comments, modify the backdrop, and use other pencils and shapes, making it more creative and enjoyable. Jamboard is fantastic for brainstorming with peers during virtual meetings. Because we were all working from home throughout the epidemic, it was a fantastic option for us.

Features Google Jamboard

  • Real-time collaboration and tracking of changes
  • Using a custom image as the background
  • Support for graphics tablets
  • Export the project to PDF or save the slide in PNG format.

Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard may be quite helpful when educating, making presentations, communicating with your team members online, or sketching. Using Whiteboard, you may make illustrations that you can save and share. Imagine this as a virtual version of the whiteboard you may have in your workplace or school, where you can brainstorm and collaborate with others. The difference is that this whiteboard is in the cloud, allowing you to collaborate with others from a distance. You may easily add PDF, Word, or PowerPoint files to the Whiteboard, and you can even select to insert certain pages or slides when you load a specific document It is a great software that may be useful for some basic drawing and idea organization.

Engage your audience by using Whiteboard. Whether you’re giving a presentation or managing a meeting, Whiteboard can help you grab and maintain your audience’s attention. To learn, use Whiteboard. A whiteboard is an excellent tool for generating fresh concepts and ideas.

Features of Microsoft Whiteboard

  • The color coding game has been improved with a new ink palette.
  • The smallest pen size has shrunk, making it simpler to write little letters.
  • Certain dimensions have been thickened to make it simpler to emphasize your notes.
  • Ink enhancements for a variety of languages, including German, Spanish, and Dutch.

Difference between Google Jamboard and Microsoft Whiteboard


 Google Jamboard

Microsoft Whiteboard


Google Jamboard works on several platforms. Microsoft Whiteboard has a user-friendly, clean interface.


Tools can be customized for color and thickness. Tools can only have their color modified.


Google Jamboard is platform-independent. Microsoft whiteboard has a simple, clean user interface.


Your Google Drive stores any jams that you own. You may send your Jams in the form of a PDF or an image via Google Jamboard, email, or other methods (by frames). By exporting your drawing or planning as a PNG picture, you may share the changes you make on your whiteboard without having to remember to save them.


The jam board is a 55-inch, 4K, straightforward plug-and-play display. A Windows 10 and mobile app called “The White Board” may be downloaded. jam board

User – Interface

Jamboard is simple to use and share with colleagues, just like many other Google applications. Downloading the desktop application and using it right away was simple enough. An appealing choice for team brainstorming meetings while everyone is apart.


Compared to Microsoft Whiteboard, it is affordable. It is expensive.


Both Jamboard and Whiteboard are fantastic digital whiteboarding tools for online collaboration and idea sharing. They are both available via a web browser and have mobile apps that can be used from any mobile device. Both provide a real-time collaborative experience, replete with digital pens, erasers, and sticky notes to help in collaboration. The Jamboard, on the other hand, is prohibitively expensive for a 55-inch 4k display with touchscreen capability. A whiteboard is a dependable digital canvas for teamwork and communication.

Google Jamboard and Microsoft Whiteboard are both excellent collaborative digital whiteboard software. While they both have comparable characteristics, there are a few crucial variances that may make or break the quality of the job. When deciding between the two, it is critical to evaluate the user interface, features, compatibility, cost, security, integrations, and collaboration possibilities.

To summarise, Google Jamboard and Microsoft Whiteboard are excellent collaboration tools, but each has certain advantages that may make one more ideal. You can guarantee that you select the application that is most suited to your needs by taking the time to learn the differences between the two.

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