Difference between Microsoft Access and dBASE

1. Microsoft Access :
Microsoft Access is a database program, it uses unique ID numbers and an editable list of data to store details on a large amount of items, i.e. you could use this program to store.

  • Access is designed to have multiple users working in the same DB files along with the various safety precautions items to help protect the data such as record level locking.
  • The database created in Access is saved with a mdb extension.
  • Data is stored in the tables.
  • Each field of a table can be associated with certain constraints like only allowing an alphanumeric value.
  • Like any other relational database, it works on the principles of tables, fields and relationships. It supports different kinds of numbers, dates, texts, etc.

2. dBASE :
dBASE was one of the most successful database management systems for microcomputers. It was the first commercially successful database system for personal computers. It is used for creating and manipulating relational databases (RDBMS). DBASE uses procedural functions and commands similar to the BASIC language. It uses simple commands for data manipulation like USE, GO TOP, and more.

Difference between dBASE and Microsoft Access :

S.No. Microsft Access dBASE
1. It was developed by Microsoft in 1992. It was developed by Asthon Tate in 1979.
2. Windows is only server operating.
system using Microsoft Access.
DOS and Windows are server operating.
system using dBASE.

Microsoft Access support standard query language (SQL).

dBASE does not support SQL.
4. ADO.NET, JDBC, ODBC, e.t.c are used as
APIs and  other access method.
It does not support any APIs and access
5. ACID properties (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation,
and Durability) of transaction is followed by
Microsoft Access.
There are no transaction concepts for dBASE internal data,
but IDE does support transactions when accessing
external DBMS.
6. Server side scripting is allowed in Microsoft
Server side scripting is not allowed in dBASE.
7. No Access right for users in Microsoft
Access rights for users and roles is in dBASE.
8. Triggers can be used in Microsoft
Triggers can’t be used in dBASE.

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