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I got interview mail that I have been shortlisted as software engineer role for interview .My recruiter asked me for date preferences.

Round 1:- It was a telephonic call which started with introduction and further expanded to basics of data structures and basics of algorithms, time and space complexities implementation of heap sort and heapify function.

Round 2:- It was hangout call after 2 weeks which consisted of two questions
One was postfix expression evaluation and implementation of queue using two stacks without built in function. After that I got another mail for next interview.

Round 3- It was again a hangout call after 2 weeks and it started with introduction interviewer was polite.He asked me various questions time and space then jumped straight into question
One was rat in maze problem and another was generation of possible palindrome form string but should constraint other constraints.I believed in my own dreams and followed.

I can see change in my problem solving gain confidence, self belief played role.
Thanks to GeeksforGeeks for helping me at each stage best site for learning.

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