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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience | On-Campus Internship

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Round 1:


This section had 4 parts . The first part was MCQ section which had few Object oriented questions and time complexity questions along with few math puzzles.

The second part was coding section, it had 3 coding questions 

       1.String manipulation problem (Medium level problem).Given a string s and length l, print the sub-sequence of length l in lexicographic order.(least possible lexicographic order)s=abdab, l=3 .Output: aab

       2.array based implementation question .

       3.What is the probability of knight being inside the board after n moves from a specific source index in a N*N chess board.

Part 3 consisted of life skill based subjective type questions wherein we were asked to type our answers. One of the question was “what would you do if your friend is not well and she has got the question paper for tomorrows exam and shares the paper with you ? “

Part 4 had a section wherein we had to type and describe about ourselves.

People who managed to pass few test-cases for each of the question were qualified to the next round.

Round 2:

1.stock buy and sell problem to maximise the profit .

2.A puzzle problem based on probability.


Round 3:

1.Detecting loops in a doubly linked list 

2.Graph DFS problem

Round 4:

  1. Math puzzle – there were 3 bags each bag either had orange balls or red balls or both orange and red balls, and the bags were surely wrongly labelled .we need to tell the minimum number of time u had to pick a ball to guess the correct label of all the bags .Ans: 1
  1. A Machine learning question based on feature scaling because i had put that on my resume .


Last Updated : 17 Sep, 2019
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