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Goldman Sachs on campus Internship Experience for summer 2019

Last Updated : 30 Mar, 2020
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Goldman Sachs visited our campus this September for hiring interns for summer 2019. It was open for all streams and a CGPA criteria of 6.0 was put.

Round 1 : This round was conducted on hacker rank. It was of 90 min comprising of two 2 sections. Each section had around 15 questions. First section was quant section that included questions related to probability and stochastic processes and mainly aimed to check grasp on quantitative knowledge and discrete and combinatoric mathematics.  Second section was of Tech section that included basic questions of computer science including data structures, time complexity(2 questions), algorithm design, machine learning(3 questions) etc.  there was only 1 coding question in second section.

Around 10 students were selected for the next round. We were asked to upload our resumes before the interview. Lot of weightage was given to cgpa. Around 6 out 10 were having cgpa above 9 and 4 between 8.5 to 9.

Round 2 : This was a technical interview on skype. There were two interviewers having our resumes in their hand throughout the interview.  They first asked me about my projects and previous interns that I did.  He then asked me if I am having proficiency in java, ]. Since I had mentioned it in my CV so I said ‘Yes’ and then he asked me to explain the process of Garbage Collection in Java, and with a code snippet, asked how I’d implement my own Garbage Collector. I explained this for around 15 minutes and the interviewer looked convinced. Next, given a long string, and 2 words, I had to find the minimum distance between the mid-points of the occurrences of the pair of words. Then I was asked . I was asked about LRU Cache and had to write and explain how I’d implement it, using any DS of my choice. I explained it using queue. After a few other questions, he concluded by asking if I had any questions for him. I just asked him to share his experience at GS and he was very interested to tell it.

Round 3  : This was more or less similar to the previous round. Firstly, I was asked a question related to binary tree. Given a tree tell whether it is binary search tree or not. I first did this using inorder traversal. He then asked me to improve the complexity and finally i gave him an O(n) solution and he was convinced.  Secondly, he asked me to check for a circular linked list. I told him a solution using a slow and a fast pointer and he was convinced with the answer.  After a few other questions, he concluded by asking if I had any questions for him.

3 students were selected for the internship and I was fortunate enough to be one of them.

Going through the articles and interview experiences in GeeksForGeeks is integral to the preparation for any interview. A big thank you to the website and all the contributors !

Some tips: Have a descent CGPA above 8 and a good CV. Practice on geeks for geeks for coding questions and revise the basic probability and discrete mathematics beforehand. Also, practice solving puzzles as GS ask too many puzzles in interview rounds.

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