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Goldman Sachs Interview | Set 4 (On-Campus for Internship)

Last Updated : 27 May, 2019
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Goldman Sachs visited our campus for both full placement(NAPA) and internship. I am going to share my experience for internship.

  • ROUND 1:
    There were in total of 41 questions and time was 1 hour. 15 from aptitude and 25 from technical.
    aptitude – included data interpretation, basic maths, probability, etc.(tough).
    technical – included c and c++ output question, os(schudeling, semaphore), dbms(normal form, etc).
    1 essay which topic was “why are you best among all of them?”.
    I would suggest starting with technical and then aptitude and at last essay. it will save you time and you can do better.

  • ROUND 2:
    There was G.D in round 2. They divided us into two groups one of 11 people and other of 10 people.
    I was in 1st group and my topic was “has technology taken over us or we have taken over technology”.
    It was of 15-20 minutes. They will give you 2-3 minutes to think.
    You just have to say your points and be active, listen to others carefully. Don’t be arrogant and don’t be aggressive.
    15 people got selected for interviews.

  • ROUND 3:
    It was a technical interview round.
    They asked me out my research paper, like what’s new in this and how did u get all this. I explained to them very well.
    Then they ask me one puzzle:-
    You have a rod of length 7 and you have to give a part of the rod of the length of one every day to a person. so what is the minimum number of cuts you will do, so that you can give him the required number of lengths every day?
    Then they asked me some questions related to Linux and data structure (graph, etc).
    6 people got selected in this round.
    By the time my interview completed, it was already very late at night.
    So they called us the next morning.

  • ROUND 4:
    This round was a mixed bag of both HR and Technical questions.
    They asked me what is my favourite topic, I told them Data structure and algorithms.
    Then they asked me a tree question:
    you have been given a tree(not binary tree), and the last level of the tree is doubly linked list(i.e. first node of that level connected to last node and adjacent to it and
    similarly for all nodes of that level.). You have to do Dfs.
    They also asked questions related to suffix array and tries(which data structure would you use to implement dictionary).
    Then they asked some prefix, postfix questions which were followed by puzzles and questions related to data structures.

  • HR question they asked was “why you have joined this college and you really wanted to join this or some other college”, “what is your interest and tell me something about

  • Tips:-
    • Learn basic of c and c++ very well
    • Your communication skill should be good.
    • Should know all standard algorithms and data structure(including advanced ds also like suffix array, trie, heap etc).

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