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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience | (On campus Internship for Operations profile)

Last Updated : 23 Oct, 2018
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Goldman Sachs came to our campus to recruit for internships for Operations profile which is basically the role of a data analyst.

Round 1: Round 1 was a 90 minute test and had 3 sections. First section was English communication and the questions were based on synonyms, antonyms, jumbled sentences and basic syntax of English sentences. The second section was logical aptitude and the questions were generally basic logical questions. The third section was Quantitative ability and this section contained questions from Profit and Loss, Permutations, Probability and Speed and Distance. I would recommend R.S. Aggarwal book on Quantitative Aptitude to hone your time management skills. Each section had a sectional cutoff so it is important to give equal preference to all the sections.

Round 2: Around 80 people were selected for Round 2. This round was a Group Discussion round and the topics are very general.Here they basically see how do you put forward your points.

Round 3: 39 people were selected for Round 3 which was a Face to Face interview. This interview was completely based on my resume. I would recommend everyone to put only those things on your resume which you are confident about. They asked me about my projects and my extra curricular activities. It is important to be confident in your answers and put forward your points eloquently.

Round 4: 19 people were selected for the final round. Here they basically checked if you had problem solving skills. I was asked how many NRI people do you think contribute to India’s GDP. Don’t worry about the actual answer, they look for your approach and how you land up on your answer. Then the interviewer gave me different situations wherein there were different problems regarding to the work done in the company. They basically want your personality to come to the fore and for you to be confident.

Finally 11 people were selected for the internship including me. I would suggest everyone to develop strong problem solving skills as well as communication skills as these are the important aspects that every interviewer looks at.

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