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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience for Associate

Last Updated : 09 Jun, 2021
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Goldman Sachs – Associate (Bengaluru)

I was contacted by HR on LinkedIn.

Online Coding Round (Hackerrank 1 hour 30 min)


After a week, I was contacted by HR, and they scheduled a telephonic screening round

CoderPad Telephonic Round (1 hour)

  • Trapping Rain Water

After 2 days, I was contacted by HR and they asked my availability for next rounds

DS Round 1 (1 hour)


DS Round 2 (1 hour)

Design Round 1 (1 hour)

  • Implement a Map interface where every key value pair of Map has to be associated with TTL(time to live) – Discussed demand based clean up and thread pool based clean up
  • Design Swiggy (Specific questions on Fault tolerance, ensuring High availability etc.)

Hiring Manager round (1 hour)

  • Questions about my project, previous role
  • Situational question – Personal interests conflicting with organisational needs
  • Discussed my role at GS

I recommend GeeksforGeeks, leetcode for interview preparation. Good luck.

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