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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience | Set 41

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Round 1: Hackerrank Round

1: Find the total number of common digits in some range of numbers.

2: Knapsack problem variation, and expected output was the array of items and not the maximum value.

Round 2:  Coderpad Round

1: The rain water tapping problem.

2: given array of students and their marks in different subjects. Find maximum average of the student.
{“James”, “70”}, {“Fernando”, “90”}, {“Nick”, “60”}, {“James”, “10”}
Ans should be name = Fernando, max avg =90

Round 3: Telephonic Round

Java Questions:
1: Java runtime and compile polymorphism
Overloading vs overriding
Basic Thread questions.
Hashmap and Hashset.
6: Equals and hashcode.
7: F
ew try catch problems.
Comparator vs comparable java.

Algo Round:
1: Loop in the linked List problem.
2: Find the smallest window in a string containing all characters of another string.

Round 4: F2F 1
1: Questions on Hashmap and various scenarios on how its equals and Hashcode will be useful.
2: Given some code piece, make the class purely immutable.
3: Given a method which returns a random number from 0-9 with equal probability.
Write a method which uses this method and returns number between 0-100 with equal probability.
Follow up: to generate numbers in other ranges.
4: Knight tour problem

Round 5: F2F 2
1: Deadlocks in java.
2: Singleton design pattern.
3: Various design patterns used and explain few of them.
6: Data structures used.
7: How Arrays.sort() works internally.
8: Various sorting techniques and their comparisons and applications.

Algos asked:
1. BST deletion
2: Given list of numbers return least 10 numbers.
Follow up: return least k numbers.
3. Implement queue using stacks and vice versa.

Round 6: F2F 3
1. 25 horses race puzzle.
2. Design Problem: Design tinyUrl
3. Whats new in Java8
4. ORMs vs Sql
5. Annotation processing and reflection.
6. A question related to closure in Java-8.

Round 7: F2F 4
1. Memory allocation in java.
2. Print even and odd numbers using 2 different threads.
3. Multi-threading concepts (Theoretically).
4. Database conceptual problems.
5. Algorithm problem related to candy-crush game. (Was easy level)

Round 8: F2F 5 – Behavioral questions only
1. Resume based questions in detail.
2. Dependency collision during build phase.
3. SDLC cycle and my role in it in current company.
4. Problems faced in old project.
5. Why you want to change.
6. Situation based questions.

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Last Updated : 20 Sep, 2019
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