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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience

Last Updated : 25 Feb, 2021
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The article is about the first-round experience in Goldman Sachs Engineering Hiring program 2020-21 for Summer Analyst Intern Role and Full-Time Engineer Role, which was held for the 2nd time on Feb 20, 2021. It was a proctored exam conducted in HackerRank. In that exam, correct questions have +5 marks and negative answers have -2 marks. 

Aptitude Round: 20-Feb 

Total Questions: 66 Questions

Time: One and Half Hours


1. Numerical Computation: 8 Questions

This Section consists of mostly mathematical questions like Algebra, Probability, Permutation and Combination. The Questions are at a medium level.

2. Numerical Reasoning: 12 Questions

This Section includes common aptitude topics like Time and Work, Speed and Distance, etc.  The questions are a little bit tougher.

3. Comprehension: 10 Questions

This section is the very easiest one and normal usual Reading Comprehension Questions. They give 2 passages and each passage contains 5 questions.

4. Abstract Reasoning: 12 Questions

These are the medium-level questions contains like paper folding questions. For Example, if one paper contains one pattern, what will be the pattern that appeared when it folds.

5. Diagrammatic Reasoning: 12 Questions

Images with partial values, we need to find miss-out values.

6. Puzzles and Logical Reasoning: 12 Questions

This Section contains some medium-level puzzles and some logical reasoning questions.

This exam is lies between extreme medium level questions and early tougher level questions. If you work in aptitude skills, the exams will be easy. The main concern about these exams is time consumption. The time is insufficient. But fortunately, we have no time restrictions for each section individually.

All the Best for Future Summer Analyst Interns in Goldman Sachs !….

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