GoIbibo interview experience | Set 2 (On-Campus)

Like every year, Goibibo visited our campus this year also. The interview process has 1 written test and 3 technical followed by 1 HR interview. The profile given was a software developer and all branches were eligible.

Round 1: Written Test

The written test consists of 10 questions. The first 3 questions were multiple choice questions. In the next 4 questions the code has given and output to the code has to be written. A brief description of what results that output to come also has to be written. The last 3 question were programming questions. A problem statement has given and entire code ( in any  language) were asked to write. The last 3 questions were very important. One question is similar to longest length of palindrome (not exact but concept is same). One questions is on trees and one question is on 2-D matrix.  The questions were not so tough. I have not answered the first 3 questions but i have answered the programming questions very well. out of 10 i was sure that 6 of them would be correct (although i dont know about the result). A small gift (Water bottle or selfie stick or Cup) from the company side has given to everyone who appeared for the written test. The gift has a Goibibo text and logo on it. It was really awesome.
After 1-2 hours the results were declared and i was one among the 20 members to be selected.

Round 2: Technical Interview 1

As soon as I entered the Interview hall the interviewer asked me about myself. Since Im from Electronics and Communication, he asked me few details about the branch and the reason for opting a job in software side. The interviewer is very good. The way he is responding to our replies is awesome. He is so cool and every member of the panel is so good at receiving the students. The first question was a puzzle. The question was to find top 3 fastest horses among 25 in a race if only 5 horses were allowed to participate in a race at a time. The question was a standard questions but i was unaware of it. He helped me 50% to get to my answer and he was really helpful at that time. The next questions were on the projects I have done. He was impressed with my projects. Next he asked me to write the code for the generation of the random number from 1-100 in any programming language. I used python. He then next extended the same question and asked me not to write the code for random number 1-100 and the number which is generated once should not the generated again. This can be solved using lists in python. Next question he asked me to write the code for searching an element from a given array of length N. This is a standard question. if length N is infinite he asked me about the approach. I explained him the algorithm. He was pretty much satisfied with the solution. The one who performed very well in this interview were directly qualified to the HR round. Few others were qualified to technical 2. I moved to the HR interview.

Round 3: HR Interview

Due to unavailability of time, they took the HR first and the persons who cleared the HR, faced another telephonic interview a week later which is technical. One has to clear both these rounds to get the offer. The HR interview is very easy. They asked me some common HR interview questions. They looked at our speaking ability, our confidence and how friendly we were to them.

Round 4: Technical Interview 2:

As i said it was a telephonic Interview. All questions were on Java. Just like the interview panel, He was also very friendly. In the first question he asked me to explain the terms in public static void main(String args[]). Next question he asked me about access specifiers in Java. Next he asked me the default access specifier for a constructor. Next he asked me to explain the polymorphism and  Inheritance in Java. The first 3 questions were easy questions and anyone having some basics in Java can answer so i decided to explain very briefly to this questions. I took 3-4 minutes and explained him everything about polymorphism and Inheritance. He is very satisfied I guess as he moved from these subjective questions to a programming questions. This was the last questions and he has given me an array of numbers and asked me to remove the duplicate elements in it. This is the easiest of all for me to answer. I told him all the 4 methods i know with time complexity and space complexity. He was very satisfied with my answer.


After a week the final results were declared and 7 members were selected. I was the only one from electronics and others were from CSE. After another 2 weeks they interviewed another 3 members and selected all the three. One among them is from ECE. Finally there were 10 selects out of 30 odd. 2 from ECE and 8 from CSE. Don’t worry about the interview if you ever get to encounter. They will test only the basics. So make your basics strong.

Finally thanks a lot Geeksforgeeks for giving us this platform. You guys are shaping the students knowledge. Thank you 🙂

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