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GeeksforGeeks Job-a-Thon: Next step in your career!

Last Updated : 08 Jan, 2024
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Getting hired is a task, but getting your profile shared with the top recruiters easily is even harder. That’s why Job-a-Thon is here for you. And this time it has been upgraded which means more opportunities and even higher chances of landing your dream job quickly. Isn’t it amazing? Definitely! But before we start digging into the new changes that we have brought in the Job-a-Thon process, let’s discuss what Job-A-Thon is for new readers. 


Job-a-Thon Hiring Challenge

What is Job-a-Thon?

For those who are unaware of the Job-a-Thon, it is a 2.5-hour-long hiring challenge for candidates looking for job opportunities in the companies that have collaborated with GeeksForGeeks. It welcomes both Freshers and Experienced professionals, including final-year students and recent pass-outs with 0 years of experience.

Presently, it is a monthly contest. If you are interested in leveraging this opportunity, you need to first register yourself for the contest. The contest covers questions on DSA, Programming Logic, Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude. Interview shortlisting will be done by companies based on their criteria.

How is the new Job-a-thon different?

This time we thoroughly looked into the Job-a-Thon policy and mindfully decided to expand the horizon of job opportunities for potential candidates like you.

The hiring challenge is now generalized in the new Job-a-Thon.

This means now there will not be any limitations for applying to the companies you are interested in. This change particularly aims to let eligible candidates apply for a wider range of job opportunities instead of getting restricted to certain numbers. How does that sound? Much like an awaited moment- isn’t it? We are sure, it is!

Date of a Job-a-Thon for Job-seekers

We organize a Job-a-Thon for potential job seekers on the 21st of every month. 

To participate in the Job-a-Thon, follow the registration steps

  1. Visit the official page of GeeksforGeeks Jobathon and register for the ongoing contest.
  2. Register for the companies that you want to participate
  3. The score of this contest will allow you to prioritize the jobs that match your skills and qualifications and are currently live on the GFG Jobs portal. 

For further information regarding the questions, marks structure, and guidelines to get ahead with the Job-a-Thon contest, you can read the article: Hiring Challenges – Are You Ready For This Jobathon? The article has all your answers related to the Job-a-Thon contest. So, do not skip it.

Top-notch MNCs and renowned companies have been hired from the Job-a-Thon event. If you have a desire to get into the renowned company with ease, this is your chance. And now that there is no certain number limitation on the companies you register for, you can easily apply to multiple organizations that interest you and highlight your technical skills through the event. Once, you clear the challenge, your profile will be directly shared with the potential employers and the interview will be scheduled. This means your dream Job is just a GeeksforGeeks Job-a-Thon away. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly register now!

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