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Resolution Days 2022 – Discover a New You!

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A ‘New Year’ always comes with a lot of positivity and hope – and people often utilize this new beginning to set relevant and doable goals. Goals for achieving success in their respective area whether it be health fitness, career progression, traveling, or any other.


Keeping it simple, we’re talking about New Year’s Resolutions…!!


So, for this year ahead, GeeksforGeeks wants all the geeks to make a fresh start for fulfilling their learning goals or career endeavors and make 2022 the best year yet.

And, to help you follow through with your resolutions and give you a flying start to this New Year – GeeksforGeeks is coming up with the flagship new year event – Resolution Days 2022 that will consist of numerous striking events, course sales & discount offers, experts sessions, and much more!

*Celebrate the Resolution Days 2022 from January 07-09, 2022 with us!! Login from here to successfully register yourself for GeeksforGeeks Resolution Days 2022!*

In this Resolution Days 2022 event, there’s almost everything for you i.e., fun, challenges, guidance, etc. Now, without wasting much time, let’s get to know about all these offers & events in detail:


1. Choose Your Resolution

  • Want to become a DSA Expert…??
  • Want to showcase your writing skills…??
  • Want to become placement-ready and get into the dream job…??
  • Want to excel in Competitive Programming…??

What’s your new year’s resolution…??

Okay, whatever it is – GeeksforGeeks is having the solution & resources to help you out in fulfilling your resolution. So, choose your resolution and find out the required resource & plan to go along with it and achieve your targeted goal, in Resolution Days 2022.

2. Test Your Skills

The journey of learning any skill or subject can be considered on the right track only if you rightly assess your knowledge of the particular subject/skill. In Resolution Days 2022, GeeksforGeeks is allowing you to Test Your Skills to subsequently strengthen your knowledge and skills. Let us tell you that the tests will be on the following topics:

  • DSA  
  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • SDE theory
  • Software Design

3. Wheel of Fortune

Okay, let’s check if the luck is on your side or not in this new year with Wheel of Fortune!! You can get various exciting discount offers, up to 100% (yes, heard it right!), on Premium GFG Courses – all you have to do is spin the wheel with just one click (May the luck be with you!).

4. Offers, Offers, Offers!

In this New Year, we want to provide you the opportunity to learn, study, achieve, and grow at an affordable price. And thus, we’re coming up with various striking sales that will allow you to access our premium GFG at very student-friendly prices. You can check out the details below:

  • Flash Sales: There will be Flash Sales on our courses for all 3 days of Resolution Days 2022 ​which will give an additional discount to you on the particular courses. Each day the Flash Sale will be on 3 courses at 3-3:30 PM, 6-6:30 PM, and 9-9:30 PM. And, the courses will be revealed to you on the respective days.  
  • Stall of the Day: In the Stall of the Day sale, for all 3 days of Resolution Days 2022, 2 courses each day will be available to you at an additional discount.  
  • In addition, a site-wide discount of 15% on all GFG courses will be provided for all 3 days of Resolution Days 2022. What else do you need…??

5. Webinars  

In Resolution Days 2022, we have also planned some worthwhile Webinar Sessions for you that will help you to get the much-needed guidance or mentorship from the career perspective. These webinar sessions will be taken by the experts themselves from their respective domains.

Truly, Resolution Days 2022 is providing you with all the fun, remarkable deals and offers, guidance & mentorship, and a lot more things. So, are you excited about this remarkable Resolution Days 2022 event…? If yes, then mark the dates of January 07-09, 2022 in the calendar. And, this new year, discover a new you with GeeksforGeeks Resolution Days 2022!

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Last Updated : 10 May, 2022
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