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Why GeeksforGeeks is an Essential Platform for CS/IT Students?

Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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In today’s digital world, when there are thousands of online platforms (maybe more than that!) available over the web, it becomes quite difficult for students to opt for a quality, relevant and reliable platform for themselves. Meanwhile, as Computer Science is a very vast field hence students are required to find an appropriate platform that can fulfill all their needs such as – Tutorials & Courses, Placement Preparation, Interview Experiences, and various others. And with the same concern, GeeksforGeeks comes in the picture – a one-stop destination for all Computer Science students!! 



Before moving further, let’s take a quick intro of the platform – GeeksforGeeks. The platform was founded in 2009 by Sandeep Jain (an IIT Roorkee alumnus) as a one-stop solution for CS/IT students to learn Programming Concepts, Data Structures & Algorithms, Coding Practice, etc. Here, in this article, we’ll let you know Why GeeksforGeeks is the most-recommended platform for all CS/IT Students


1. One-Stop Destination for Algorithms and Data Structures Knowledge

If you’ve ever tried to learn Data Structures and Algorithms online then chances are less that you’re not familiar with GeeksforGeeks. Indeed, GeeksforGeeks is the ocean of Data Structures and Algorithms Knowledge. Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or an expert, the platform has a lot more to offer for everyone in Data Structures and Algorithms. There are various resources available at the platform such as tutorials, online and offline courses, video lectures, etc. (both free and paid) that you can opt to master the Data Structure & Algorithms skills. Moreover, you can test your Data Structure & Algorithms as well through various practice questions, quizzes, etc. 


2. Learn Multiple Programming Languages

When you visit an online platform (or offline as well) to learn programming languages, there come various hurdles such as – lack of variety of programming languages, unavailability of IDEs, and most importantly poor or substandard content. However, GeeksforGeeks offers you to learn Programming Languages as per your requirements and convenience. The platform offers various tutorials and courses for numerous programming languages like Python, Java, Ruby, C, C++, etc. Moreover, there is no need to go somewhere else as you can run your programs on the website’s inbuilt IDEs, practice with various programming questions and get some ravishing project ideas as well! 


3. Get Tutorials for all Computer Science Subjects

Indeed, it becomes very frustrating and uneasy for the students to frequency switch over between different tabs (or websites) while looking out for different topics or subjects. But.. how would it be if you can get a quality and organized collection of all CS/IT subjects in one place? Yes, from Operating System to Computer Architecture or DataBase Management to Compiler Design or Mathematics to MicroProcessor, GeeksforGeeks provides you all the core subjects of Computer Science on a single platform with a well-organized manner. And all above that, you can access the tutorials of these subjects at zero cost – Free! 


4. Boost Your Skills with Various GeeksforGeeks Courses

When it comes to opting for a training or skill-based online course, students always find them in dilemma and come up with various questions in their mind such as – Will this course fulfill their requirements? or Can they schedule it as per their convenience? etc. Although, GeeksforGeeks offers you various Live and Online Courses such as Competitive Programming – Live, DSA-Self Paced Course, “OS DBMS CN for SDE Interview Preparation

, etc. that are designed by the industry experts and offers you multiple features like schedule flexibility, self-paced learning, recorded lectures and many more that can help you make your learning process more convenient and worthwhile. 


5. Find Authentic & Relevant Interview Experiences

Whenever a student (or a working professional as well) prepares for a job interview, he often tries to go through several interview experiences to gain some crucial insights. However, finding genuine and reliable interview experiences over the web is a not-so-easy task. However, GeeksforGeeks not only offers you authentic & relevant interview experiences of various IT giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. but also provides Company Preparation Tips, Practice Questions, and other resources to land up you the desired job. Precisely, you can get a step by step roadmap for placement preparation at GeeksforGeeks. 


6. Prepare for GATE, ISRO, and UGC NET as well

Indeed, not every Computer Science enthusiast wants to make it big in an IT company, some have other aspirations also such as – Master’s from IIT or a job in a reputed Government organization like ISRO, etc. No worries!! GeeksforGeeks also provides you the resources to prepare for GATE CSE, ISRO CS, and UGC NET CS exams. You can get preparation & last-minute notes, previous year question papers with solutions, syllabus, preparation tips, and various other resources. In short, you can get all the essential stuff here that can help you to clear these competitive exams and achieve your career goals. 


7. Stay Updated With Technology through GBlog Articles

Needless to say, in this fast-evolving technological era, you’re always required to stay updated with the latest trend and technology in the IT world to get an edge over others and grab the best career opportunities. Through GeeksforGeeks GBlog section, you can get various articles related to the demanding technology & skills in the market, solution to various tech queries, guidance & roadmap for specific career fields, and many more. Moreover, there is a huge variety of articles for the Computer Science domain that can help you to enhance your knowledge and gain more tech exposure. 


8. Get Internship Offers or other Career Opportunities

Last but not least, GeeksforGeeks provides you various Internships Offers and other career opportunities that can help you to make your career at the earliest. Meanwhile, the platform also offers various career-related programs and contests such as Campus Mantri Programme, Competitive Programming Challenge (GCC), Write From Home Challenge, and many more for all Computer Science students. The participation in these events not only rewards you with various certifications & exciting prizes but can also add a much-needed weightage in your resume that further can land up you some ravishing career opportunities. 

As per the above-mentioned information, it must be clear to you that GeeksforGeeks has worth for all the CS/IT students out there. Now, what are you waiting for? Open your Laptop and go to this one-stop solution to fulfill all your requirements!!

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