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Hiring Challenges – Are You Ready For This Jobathon?

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Why this GeeksforGeeks Jobathon…?? Monthly hiring challenges conducted by GeeksforGeeks

Everyone will agree with this, especially college students or freshers, that to get connected with recruiters and grab worthwhile job opportunities for getting into your dream job is quite a tedious task.

For instance – firstly, you need to look out if the particular company is hiring a candidate as per your skillset & qualifications or not through various online or offline platforms. Then you’re required to apply for it and wait till your resume gets shortlisted. Furthermore, you need to clear their screening round to get selected for further technical or managerial interview rounds. So, GeeksforGeeks Jobathon is here to make this job finding journey a bit hassle-free for you!

Hiring Challenges – Ready For This Jobathon

Hiring Challenges – Ready For This Jobathon

Consider this scenario: You get to know about multiple active job openings at various renowned tech companies in a single place. Also, the process of applying for these job opportunities is quite simple as all you need to do is provide some basic details like name, qualifications, resume, etc. And most importantly, you just need to appear for a single contest that will act as the screening round for all the companies for which you’ve registered yourself. Isn’t it something remarkable and much-needed for all the job seekers out there?

Obviously YES!!!!! And that’s actually what GeeksforGeeks Jobathon: Monthly Hiring Challenges offer you!  

What is GeeksforGeeks Jobathon?

Jobathon is a collection of 2.5-hour-long hiring challenges for freshers interested in job opportunities at companies collaborating with GeeksforGeeks.

This will be a monthly contest. What you all need to do is – first, register yourself for the contest then go through the job descriptions of all the respective companies and subsequently register for 1 or more companies that you are interested in. The job descriptions of the openings can be visited through the contest page itself. You must remember that your profile will only be considered for a company if you have registered for it.

Steps to register for the Jobathon, for candidates:

  1. Visit the official page of GeeksforGeeks Jobathon and register for the ongoing contest.
  2. Register for the companies that are taking part

Contest Details

You need to know that only individual participation is allowed in this Jobathon: Hiring Challenge and the interview shortlisting will be done by specific companies based on their own criteria. There will be a total of 18 Questions for 175 marks. The contest consists of 4 parts:  

  • 3 DSA Coding problems – 100 marks
  • 5 MCQ on Programming Logic – 25 marks
  • 5 MCQ on Logical Reasoning – 25 marks
  • 5 MCQ on Quantitative Aptitude – 25 marks


All the crucial instructions or guidelines to get ahead with the Jobathon Contest are provided below:

  1. Quiz marks will be added to the contest score after the contest gets over. You’re advised to be careful while submitting quiz questions as once submitted answers can’t be changed.
  2. For Coding Problems: Solve as many problems as you can before the time runs out and based on the accuracy of your correct submission you will get the scores.
  3. Each submission will be tested based on our critical test data.
  4. There is a 5% penalty for each wrong submission. For example, if a problem is of 100 marks and a participant makes a wrong submission, his marks are reduced to 95. After the next wrong submission of the same problem, his marks are further reduced to 90.25,job-finding and so on. Therefore, it is suggested to use ‘Compile & Test’ against sample test cases before each submission.
  5. Entries submitted by candidates after the contest is closed will not be considered.
  6. It is advised to attempt the Geeks Sample Challenge to get familiar with the GeeksforGeeks coding environment.

Note: Languages supported for the DSA problems are: C++, Java, and Python.

Again, this Jobathon: Monthly Hiring Challenge by GeeksforGeeks is going to be very fruitful for all the freshers from their career perspectives and can help them to get the desired job opportunity without any hassle! So, get ready for the contest and do participate in this Jobathon wholeheartedly!

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