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11 Best Free Coding Bootcamps [2024]

Last Updated : 02 Feb, 2024
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Free coding bootcamps are tech training programs where a student develops a coding foundation without paying money. These free coding bootcamps are held online and take a time up to six months to complete. These types of bootcamps are arranged to land the best tech jobs after their graduation.

Best Free Coding Bootcamps

Students who are enrolled in the free bootcamp programs study the same curriculum as the paid programs but in free bootcamps, they can’t reach out to the instructor or the teacher for help whereas in paid programs instructors are available.

What is a Coding Bootcamp?

Coding Bootcamps are tech training programs with a concentrated course that teaches about programming and information technology to the students who are enrolled in that program. Students enroll in coding bootcamps for employment purposes. These boot camps help the students to focus on the aspects of coding and then apply their coding skills to solve real-world problems. These coding bootcamps can be up to a time span of several months.

Best Free Coding Bootcamps

Based on factors such as curriculum quality, community support, and reputation, we have listed some of the widely recognized best free coding bootcamps. These programs offer an effective way to gain valuable coding skills which makes them an excellent choice for beginners and software developer. Whether you want to become a web developer, data analyst, or software engineer, these free coding bootcamps are really helpful for your coding journey. Some of the best coding boot camps are mentioned below:

1. GeeksforGeeks

GeeksforGeeks provides a coding bootcamp to students to help them to know more about technology and programming. The courses which are provided by GeeksforGeeks are both free as well as paid and the content which is provided by them is of the best quality as these contents are based on both video and theoretical. Each of the courses consists of assessments and practical sessions so that the students can implement their learned knowledge. GeeksforGeeks provides a Free 21-day DSA Codecamp so that the students build their coding habits and explore real-world problems in the form of learning Data Structures and Algorithms. In this 21-day boot camp there will be three problems for each day that the students need to solve and for the help, the answers are available in the form of YouTube videos.

2. Resilient Coders

Resilient Coders is a free-of-cost and stipended coding boot camp that provides training to students who want to pursue their careers as software engineers. They provide a 20-week coding boot camp in Boston. They teach HTML, CSS, Javascript, and multiple libraries and frameworks. With these coding skills, they also teach other soft skills that are needed for better communication. It is a volunteer-based program that focuses on making web technology. At the end of the boot camp they neither charge any tuition fee nor do the students have to pay after they get a job.

3. Upskill

Upskill is a high-quality tech training platform where the curriculum is carefully designed to teach skills about programming. The free program includes the courses of web development skills, building an in-browser game and javascript algorithm exercises. The program offered by upskill named “Essential Web Developer Course” is a free program which consists of 197 lessons. There are also courses available for Javascript basics which are free as well paid. The classes in upskill are available in the form of video format and the course library consists of over 200 lessons.

4. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare is a free web based and open publication material from thousands of MIT courses. The aim of the courses is to solve the programs in an easy way so that the students can easily learn about them. The python course named “Their Introduction to Computer Science and Programming” is conducted mostly on the recorded lectures and with problem sets and quizzes on a regular basis to check the knowledge of the students. Some of the MIT courses include videos, audio and lecture notes. They also teach some additional soft skills which help the students in communications.

5. Codecademy

Codecademy is an online resource where students learn to code. The best course of Codecademy is the web development course. The beginners courses which are available are the courses in HTML and Ruby moving further the intermediate courses available are the classes in CSS, PHP and Node js, Angular and other react libraries. Game development and amazon alexa devices are some other free courses available for the students who want to learn them. They provide a huge range of free and paid courses. To access the unlimited free courses students require to sign up for the PRO plan available in codecademy.

6. Ada Developers Academy

Ada Developers Academy is a non-profit organisation. It is a cost effective coding school for women and gender expansive adults. It provides full stack software engineering training to the women who are in tech. The free coding boot camps simultaneously teach the students how to debug the code and to write clean codes. It also provides training to the students in advocacy in tech such as leadership, inclusion and so on. The acceptance rate of Ada Developers Academy is eight percent, this program is competitive as it is free and it also provides internships to the students.

7. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp is a non-profit organization for tech learning. It is an online boot camp that provides courses on front-end web development and full-stack web development. After the completion of the boot camps, they also offer coding certificates. They provide a lot of free interactive coding lessons, articles, and videos to help people who want to learn about coding. The online programs that freecodecamp offers are self-paced and also provide a 1600-hour javascript curriculum. It is a friendly community where the students can learn coding for free and it also offers a variety of data science courses.

8. Flatiron School

Flatiron school is an educational organisation which was founded in 2012. They teach about computer programming, data science, software engineering, cyber security and product designing. They offer online and on-campus programs and non-degree programs in the form of video series. They train passionate and highly motivated people so that they can launch careers in code, cyber security and data science. The boot camps are available to take full time or flex programs. There are many courses available for tech subjects which students want to pursue.

9. Founders and Coders

Founders and Coders is a non-profit Uk based organisation and global developer community. The program which is offered by the founder and coders is a 16 week full time coding bootcamp which covers the concept of javascript, node js and database and also about the UX design and project management. The course covers the basics of HTML and CSS also focuses on web designing then towards the javascript, debugging practises and testing and lastly to the interview preparation.

10. Skillcrush

Skillcrush is an independent online coding and design school which was founded in 2012. It is a women owned online bootcamp which helps the people to learn the required skills in order to find a job as a web developer, visual designer and UX designer. The break into tech blueprint program covers all the web design and visual designs, the front end development, wordpress development and full stack web development. Most people complete the whole program in twelve months. The people who have no experience in web development took skillcrush courses. The break into tech blueprint program is for the students who want to land a job in web development or in web designing.

11. NodeSchool

Workshopper is the name which is used in the open source lesson modulus which are used and associated with the nodeschool. All of them are self guided and can be worked offline so that the students can work peacefully. These workshopper are generally focused on the essential skills for working with the node js. Also, NodeSchool is a community-driven, open-source project that offers interactive workshops and tutorials for learning JavaScript and Node.js. It’s a great resource for developers who want to improve their JavaScript and Node.js skills.


Therefore, these are the top 11 free coding bootcamps which are mentioned. Students enrol to coding bootcamps for employment purposes so that they can learn the skill in several months and apply those skills to solve real world problems. These boot camps help the students to focus on the aspects of coding and learn about the technologies which are around us. These coding bootcamps can be up to a time span of several months. The only disadvantage of free bootcamps is that instructors are not available for help whereas in paid programs instructors are available for solving the doubts of the students.

Free Coding Bootcamps – FAQs

1. What is a Coding Bootcamp ?

The Coding Boot camps are the tech training programs with a concentrated course which teaches about the programming and information technology to the students who are enrolled in that program.

2. Do Coding Bootcamps guarantee a Job ?

Most of the boot camps provide job offers while some of the coding bootcamps guarantee jobs in different forms such as promises of employment, tutions refunds, career assistance, and deferred tutions.

3. Is Financial aid available for Coding Bootcamps ?

No coding boot camps doesn’t offers any financial aid to the students. As the cost of coding bootcamps are minimal as compared to the four years degree program that’s why it doesn’t provide any financial aid.

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