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20 Best VSCode Themes in 2024

Last Updated : 29 Jan, 2024
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Visual Studio Code, commonly known as VS Code­, is a no-cost source code editor that was developed by Microsoft. It supports various coding languages and upholds key features and functions for several environments and development settings which is why it is quite popular among developers.

Best VS Codes Themes 2024

In this article, we will be exploring the 20 best VSCode themes in 2024 that significantly enhance developers’ development experience.

What is VSCode?

Visual Studio Code (VSCode) is a free and open-source source code editor developed by Microsoft. It is a lightweight, fast, and highly customizable code editor, making it a popular choice among new users and professionals for various programming tasks. VSCode provides a range of features, including syntax highlighting, debugging support, IntelliSense (code completion and suggestions), version control integration (primarily with Git), an integrated terminal, and a rich ecosystem of extensions.

What are VSCode Themes?

In the dynamic world of coding, developers are constantly seeking tools and features that enhance their coding experience. One such essential aspect of this journey is the Visual Studio Code (VSCode) color themes. These themes are not merely aesthetic choices; they play a pivotal role in shaping the coding environment and significantly impacting productivity.

Color themes in VSCode allow the user to customize the colors in Visual Studio Code’s user interface to suit their preferences and work environment.

How to Change Theme on VSCode?

Changing the color theme in Visual Studio Code is a breeze. Simply follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Navigate to the gear icon in the lower-left corner (Settings).
  2. Select “Color Theme,” and choose from the array of available options.
  3. The live preview feature makes this process even more seamless, allowing the user to visualize the changes before committing to a new theme.

Categories of Themes on VSCode

Visual Studio Code offers a diverse palette of themes to cater to individual preferences.

  • Light Themes: Embrace a bright, lively workspace for coding in well-lit environments.
  • Dark Themes: Opt for darker colours and backgrounds, reducing eye strain during extended coding sessions.
  • High Contrast Themes: Enhance visibility for a personalized coding experience, catering to diverse preferences and accessibility needs.

Popular Themes On VSCode in 2024

VSCode offers a plethora of built-in themes catering to various tastes and preferences. From dark and minimalistic themes like “Dark” to vibrant and colourful options like “Abyss,” the choices are as diverse as the coding community itself. Furthermore, developers can explore an extensive marketplace of user-created themes, ensuring that there’s a perfect fit for every coding journey.

Picking the perfect theme can be a bit of a daunting task, especially when there are so many options out there. To make your decision easier, we’ve put together a handy list of recommendations to make the process seamless.

1. Dracula Official

Dracula Official VSCode theme is renowned for its chic dark aesthetic complemented by vibrant accents, easing eye strain during long coding sessions. Its widespread popularity is owed to a clean design and broad community acceptance. Ideal for developers desiring an elegant, visually pleasing, and developer-friendly coding ambience.

Install using Git

Alternatively, you can install the theme and keep up to date by cloning the GitHub repo:

  • git clone ~/.vscode/extensions/theme-Dracula cd ~/.vscode/extensions/theme-Dracula
  • npm install
  • npm run build

2. One Dark Pro

One Dark Pro, a celebrated VSCode theme, offers a sophisticated dark interface with subtle colour variations for heightened visual appeal. It is widely favoured for its polished design and widespread adoption within the coding community. It can be installed using the command palette or git.

Install using Git

  • git clone

3. Shades of Purple

Shades of Purple, a visually soothing VSCode theme, bathes your coding environment in calming shades of purple. Its gentle hues reduce eye strain, making it popular for prolonged coding sessions. Ideal for developers who appreciate a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing workspace. It can be installed using the command palette or git.

Install using Git

  • Navigate to the VSCode extensions directory: cd ~/.vscode/extensions
  • git clone

4. Monokai Pro

Monokai Pro has a tailored user interface theme and a complete icon set exclusively designed for Visual Studio Code. Curated by the original Monokai colours creator, its carefully selected shades ensure an undistracted coding experience, allowing you to concentrate solely on your code.

Install using Git

  • git clone

5. One Monokai

It is inspired by the fusion of Monokai and One Dark. It stands out with its carefully curated colour palette and enhanced code editing features, offering a top-tier developer experience. Created by Joshua Azeroth, it’s a popular, user-friendly, and visually engaging dark theme for Visual Studio Code.

Install using Git

  • git clone

6. Github Theme

There are light, dark, light default, dark default, and dark dimmed versions of this timeless GitHub theme. These themes resemble GitHub’s standard themes. It is well-liked by developers who enjoy the traditional GitHub themes.

Link: Github Theme

7. Night Owl

This theme is inspired by night owls. It is best suited to people who enjoy coding late at night. The background, design, and colour selections are all ideal for low-light conditions. Additionally, there is a Light Owl Theme designed for comfortable viewing during the day. There is a no-italics theme available as well, so users can choose not to have italics. This theme can be installed from the VS Marketplace.

Link: Night Owl

8. Winter is Coming

The popular TV series Game of Thrones served as the inspiration for the dark video theme package Winter is Coming. For syntax highlighting, it has a dark grey background with white and icy blue hues. There are three other variations available: light, dark with italics, and dark default. This theme can be installed from the VS Marketplace.

Link: Winter is Coming

9. Ayu

There are three variations of the well-liked VS Code theme Ayu: light, dark, and mirage. The dark version uses a dark grey background with vivid colours, while the light version has a bright white background with muted colours. Lastly, the desaturated colour palette and light grey background of the mirage version give it a distinct yet understated appearance.

Link: Ayu

Install using Git

  • git clone

10. Tokyo Night

This is a dark vs code that features a brightly coloured background and was inspired by the neon lights of Tokyo at night. Tokyo Night Storm with a dark blue background and Tokyo Night Light with a dim grey background are its two other variations. This theme can be installed from the VS Marketplace.

Link: Tokyo Night

11. Cobalt2 Theme Official

This code theme features a brightly coloured background that is navy blue, along with a sleek and contemporary design. Users can also change the colours and settings of Cobalt2 to suit their preferences. Wes Bos is the creator of it. Developers can concentrate on the clarity and code by using carefully chosen colours and styles. This theme can be installed from the VS Marketplace.

Link: Cobalt2 Theme Official

Install using Git

  • git clone

12. Cyberpunk 2077 Theme

This, as the name indicates, is inspired by the Cyberpunk 2077 game which was launched in the year 2020. It brings about a vibrant, modern, chic and aesthetic factor and is loved by cyberpunk fans all over the world.

Link: Cyberpunk 2077 Theme

13. SynthWave ‘84

This experimental theme draws inspiration from modern Synthwave labels like FM-84, Timecop 1983, and The Midnight, incorporating their music and cover art influence. This uncomplicated CSS theme vividly embodies neon dreams with a stylish glow effect and a harmoniously blended colour palette.

Link: SynthWave ‘84

14. Noctis

Noctis by Liviu Schera offers a seamless fusion of light and dark themes, combining warm and cool colours for visual appeal. Designed for eye comfort, it features 8 dark and 3 light versions, gaining praise for its diverse colours and top-notch syntax highlighting.

Link: Noctis

15. Panda Theme

Introducing the latest iteration of Panda Syntax, a superminimal, dark theme designed for Visual Studio Code. Crafted with subtle colours for easy-on-the-eyes readability, it brings a sleek, modern aesthetic to your coding environment.

Link: Panda Theme

16. Nord Theme

Nord, created by Arctic Ice Studio, is a clean and stylish theme with a cool, north-bluish palette. Tailored to enhance developers’ workflow, it ensures excellent readability and syntax highlighting with its seamlessly blended colour shades. Loved by developers, it delivers clutter-free and visually appealing code editing features.

Link: Nord Theme

17. Sublime Material Theme

This sleek and modern theme is inspired by the theme of the sublime text editor. It has two variants – light and dark. It makes VSCode appear extremely similar to Sublime. It incorporates a Light theme in the sidebar and; a dark theme everywhere else just like Sublime Text.

Link: Sublime Material Theme

18. Atom One Light Theme

A widely used light theme in VS Code, inspired by the Atom code editor, presents a luminous white backdrop, offering a neat and uncluttered interface for focused coding. Atom One Light is flexible, allowing customization to align with individual preferences.

Link: Atom One Light Theme

19. Omni Theme

Omni theme is a dark theme for Visual Studio Code with an elegant design created by Rocketseat.

Link: Omni Theme

20. Snazzy Light Theme

Snazzy Light boasts a contemporary and chic appearance, featuring vibrant and lively text colours. It incorporates stylish icons for files and folders, and a distinctive element is the well-managed spacing between text, enhancing code readability.

Link: Snazzy Light Theme

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In the ever-evolving landscape of coding, where every keystroke matters, the significance of colour themes cannot be overstated. As you embark on your coding adventures with Visual Studio Code, don’t underestimate the impact of the right colour theme. In this article, we have discussed 20 popular VS Code colour themes that might just be the key to unlocking a more enjoyable and efficient coding experience for you.

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