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Flipkart On -Campus Interview Experience (2019)

  • Last Updated : 09 Aug, 2019

Machine coding round (1.5 hours)
Test on hackerrank comprised of three coding questions . Students who solved 1 question completely and other questions partially were shortlisted ( 23 students 20 in main list and 3 in wait list ).

1st technical round (30 min)
2 questions were asked to test your data structures fundamentals and problem solving ability.
We were also asked to tell complexities of our solutions (both space and time ).
1st question was on array.
2nd question on topological ordering
I gave solution for both the questions .
9 students were shortlisted.

2nd Technical round (45 min)
3 questions were asked again we had to tell which data structures we would use to solve the problem and then to optimise our solutions.
The key here is to think loud, tell the interviewer your thought process, what exactly you are thinking .
If your approach is in right direction they will provide you hints to reach the solution.
One of the tree questions was on DP .
I gave optimal solution for first two questions and brute force solution for dp problem .
5 students were shortlisted for HR round .

3 rd round HR (45 min)
We were again asked a technical question.
Data structures for boggle game and other HR questions
4 students were selected.<

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