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Flipkart Interview Experience | Set 26

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 20 May, 2015

1. Machine Coding:
Two players, two field; and have multiple ships located in their fields. They are guessing each others ship position and hitting. Tell who wins first. Design maintainable code which can incorporate future change.

2. Discussion on Design of previous code. A lot of new use cases to handle. Explain your design. How will you deal with new changes in problem statements.

3. i) Tell about yourself, expectation from flipkart
    ii) Maximum overlapping problem
    iii) clone linkedlist with arbitrary pointer

4. Hiring Manager: tell me about yourself, why flipkart, why change etc. You know c++ only but here you need to work in java how will you deal. etc…

Got rejection after a week. Thanks to geeks anyways. 🙂

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