EXL Interview Experience

 Round 1:Online Test

It consisted of 40 ques(20 aptitude, 10 English, 10 lr)  to be done in 45 min. Test is of moderate level bt have 3-4 tricky ques in aptitude section. English section is quite easy. From 200 students they selected 100 students for next round.

Round 2: Technical Interview

In this, they asked common puzzles, guesstimates. They were majorly concerned that whether you are really interested for the company or not. They will ask you that why EXL?? And you have to justify well, Because majority of students was rejected in this round and they shortlisted 21 students out of 100 for next round and i was one of them.

Round 3: HR round

In this, they start by asking normal hr ques i.e. strengths, why EXl, why data anaytics, and qualities req for corporate sector.

They finally selected 18 out of 21 and i was rejected because of my high pointer 9.1 since EXL wants to take those guys who do not leave the company, and cant trust a 9 pointer guy that he will not do so.

But it was fortunate for me to have a rejection since then i got RBS.

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