EXL Analytics Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)

Hello everyone, Exl Analytics recently visited our college for their campus recruitment. So I would like to share my experience as it might be helpful for your preparation.

1st Round : Online Written Test (on CoCubes)
20 Questions Aptitude (Data interpretation, Numbers, HCF LCM , probability and other common topics
from Quant most from Data interpretation)
10 Question from Reasoning like sitting arrangement etc.
10 Questions from Verbal English
So total 40 Questions to be done in 45 minutes
Difficulty level was high

2nd Round : Technical Round
Question basically from resume u hav prepared languages u hav mentioned in that
and Project discussion and your role in that.
(Not so difficult to crack)

3rd Round : HR
Basic HR questions sometimes puzzels may be asked .The main focus on your approach
to solve the question not on result. Good communication will be an advantage.

That’s it. Most difficult round in my opinion is Written round. Best of luck guys.

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