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Epam Interview Experience for Junior Software Engineer(2020 graduates)

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Round 1: It is an online test which took place in my college in 3-2. This is a test for Pre Education Program(PEP). It comprised of 3 coding questions which must be done in JAVA. The questions were tagged as easy(20 marks), medium(30 marks) and hard(50 marks). I completed all the three. Questions were mostly on arrays and string manipulations. In this round, 17 students are selected from our college. For these 17 students, webinars were conducted on some industry-related topics.

Round 2: All the PEP students were invited to participate in CodeFest. It was conducted in three different locations in India. I attended at Bhimavaram. It is a 3-hour long coding challenge. It is a team event comprising of 2 per team. Coding challenge consisted of a snake game we just need to implement the snake direction method. The rules are snake should not hit a wall or eat a stone or hit itself. If the snake hits itself or wall it dies. If the snake eats a stone its size is reduced by ten. The snake should eat only fruits. If the snake eats fruits it’s size increases. All the systems were connected to a server and snake will move by default in the right direction. During the 3-hour we were expected to implement the snake direction method. After 3 hours code is tested by them for 10 minutes. The winner is the one who has the highest snake score. I am one among the winners.

Round 3: The winners and runners of the event CodeFest were exempted from another coding round and group discussion. They conducted a Technical round for us. Again this round is conducted at Bhimavaram. It is a crucial round to secure a job in EPAM. All the questions were on JAVA. They asked each and every concept in JAVA. It is conducted for about an hour. Some topics asked were Data types, Wrapper classes, Object class, OOPs concepts and their examples, Strings,   Collections, Multi-Threading, Exception Handling, static, final, finally, finalize, Thread Synchronization, make an array list synchronized and many more questions. Some basic coding questions were also asked. I was selected in this round.

Round 4: It is an HR round. Basic questions were asked. Questions are: Tell me about yourself,   Tell me about your family, Why did u choose to study engineering, What is the career guidance will you give for your younger brother, What are personal achievements apart from studies and some other questions.

Results were declared after 6 days and I got selected.

Tips: Practice all the coding questions from geeksforgeeks. It helped me a lot.

Last Updated : 17 Aug, 2019
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