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EPAM Systems On Campus Interview of (2020 Graduates) for Junior Software Engineer

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EPAM  Systems hiring process consists of 5 rounds. 1st round is remote (in home) with web cam must & rest all rounds on campus in a single day.

Round 1:(Java Online Coding Challenge)
This was an Online coding challenge on Java (150 mins). Webcam was mandatory to take this test. There were 3 questions.  We could only go to the next question if we had submitted the previous one.

Q1 : Check for balanced parentheses in an expression .

Q2Spiral Traversal of matrix .

And there is another question.

And then nearly 100 students from our college got selected to second round.

Round 2:(Java Online Coding Challenge)
The round 2 was tough.This round contained 11 MCQs of 20 marks based on JAVA, OOPS, C++, DBMS, Networking and Operating Systems. There were 2 more Java coding questions out of which one were medium and one hard. Overall time for this test was 2 hours.
Q1 : Coin Change

Q2 : Find number of islands

Round 3:(Group Discussion)
It was very interesting. We were given a topic of Pros and Cons of Aadhar Card. The instructor just gave us 10 minutes time where 1 minute is for thinking and the 8 minutes for discussing about and last 1 minutes for the conclusion. My group consist of 6 members. We had started to talk after 1 minute and the discussion continued. Only 1 member were eliminated in this round as they didn’t speak about the topic much. So the remaining 5 members were asked to proceed to next round that is the Technical Round.

Round 4: (Technical Interview)
This was a 30 mins to 40 mins interview session with only one member in the panel.

1. Introduce yourself.
2. Explain all OOPs concepts?
3. Questions on Java Collections.
4. Write HTML code for linking CSS.
5. Difference between errors and exceptions?
6. What is LeftJoin?
7. You have secured a very good marks in round 1 & 2. So where did you miss in the test cases?
8. Tell me the questions that you have solved in round 2 and also explain me the solutions. Also write code for one of them.
9. HashMap vs HashTable.
These are the ones which I remember. I hope it would give you all some idea at least!

After the interview was done then the interviewer asked me to leave and also informed that someone outside will contact me. Then I was informed that I am selected for HR round i.e. final round (round 5). Only students who cleared the technical round (round 4) were selected for HR (round 5), and rest were asked to leave.

Round 5: This is again a rejection round. I was asked a lot of questions (non technical mostly). In this round you have to speak confidently and with the most expected answer.

1. Are you ready to go away from home and work efficiently for EPAM?
2. What projects you have done?
3. Explain one of your projects? What is real-time usecase of it?
4. What are/were the challenges you will face/faced in your group for the project?(As I told I was the team leader)
5. What is your achievement in last 4 years?
And some other standard HR questions.

Then finally HR round was over. My HR interview went quite good and it kind of gained me a confidence.

Verdict: Selected

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Last Updated : 13 Apr, 2020
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