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enStage Bangalore Interview Experience for Software Engineer position

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Round 1: Engineer Manager
1. Asked About project (End to End)
2. I have used Multithreading in my applications, so asked why Multithreading?
3. Multithreaded program using Thread and Runnable.
4. Applications server and Web server Difference
5. Project Architect.
6. Class design for project module
7. How to create a good database design?

Round 2: (Director)
This Round Questions were asked on Project and Payment Gateways.
1. In this rounds mainly focus on project, and the technology used,.
2. Types of encryption technique
3. About payment Gateways authentication.
4. Roles and responsibilities
5. Why do I want to join?

Round 3: (Technology Head)
This Round Questions were asked on data Structure.
1. HashTable and HashMap difference.
2. Log 4J explanation
3. Spring MVC framework.
4. Difference between Forward and sendRedirect (Servlet)

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Last Updated : 09 Sep, 2015
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