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Shell Technology Centre Bangalore Interview Experience (On-Campus for Software Engineer)

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Shell Technology Centre Bangalore visited our college for recruiting Software Engineer. They conducted only two rounds: Online round and Personal Interview.

Total 60 students sit for the Online round from CS and IT only.
First Round(Online)
There were 3 sections in the online test namely verbal, logical and CS fundamental technical questions on AMCAT (Aspiring Minds). Logical was quite easy and good practice on GeeksforGeeks for verbal and technical question will help a lot. Technical questions were mainly on DBMS,OS and a few question on networking and OOPs. Online round was adaptive, that is you cannot come back to a question again. There was no negative marking so better to attend all questions. Time limit was good around 1 minute per question so practice is needed a lot to complete all questions.
Scoring more was key to selection.
They selected top 20 candidates from the online round.

Second Round(PI)
This round was done on Skype. It was 45 minutes interview round that tests your technical cum managerial skills. They have 2 sections in the interview: 1 technical and another behavioral. They have a standard age old set of questions which they will not change. Besides the profile being a technical one but they judge you mostly on managerial skills. Technical knowledge weighs a little in the interview. They ask few technical definitions about 2 or 3 to each candidate and a 15 minutes discussion on your project. A project is a must so try to have a good project on your CV (Android Application Development, Machine Learning, Web Development, etc). Also an internship will help a lot. Second section was mostly HR round with all situation based questions- here your story-telling ability will help a lot. Prepare some stories related to your leadership, problem-solving, situation-handling skills, achievements and situation were you worked against your morals and all this kind of stuff (including event management, social-responsibility activities, etc)- the stories can be imaginary too but you need a lot of confidence and self-belief while answering. Try to communicate well, don’t bother asking them a good number of questions but don’t ask question regarding job profile and all(they don’t like questions much regarding this) and express yourself well and also show eagerness towards the job and company. Try to be innovative and at the same time, enough communicative to let them understand your points.

Shell have clear rules in recruiting people. Prepare to demonstrate yourself on the CART model.

Capacity : via academic (GPA/test scores) and professional credentials (internships)
Achievement : projects executed
Relationships : team work,leadership,ethics
Technical know how : related to the specific role you are applying

Overall a good one but don’t expect too much subject questions in interview process, its all about managerial skills.

The results were announced 2 days later and 7 of 20 candidates were offered the job.

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Last Updated : 30 Sep, 2017
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