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Quikr Interview Experience for Software Engineer Position in Bangalore

Last Updated : 03 Dec, 2014
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1. Find the first non repetitive character in a string
2. If there is a website run by 2 servers. These 2 servers balances the load using Load Balancer. So, if 1 session is created on 1 server and say load is shift to another server immediately, then how session is maintained?
3. Discuss about Design Patterns. Asked to implement some basic Design Patterns like Singleton, etc.

Round 2:-
1. Find missing element in an array of elements from 0 to n-1. Different approaches asked(about 3 to 4 approaches)?
2. What is connection pooling.
3. Asked some questions on multithreading in Java.
4. How to implement Critical section in Java and on which variable?
5. Some Questions on Java, Database, Hibernate in general
6. Stock Buy Sell to Maximize Profit
problem was modification of above problem. I dont remember the actual problem exactly.

Round 3:-
1. Given a wood of some size. It burns from 1 end to another and takes 30 min. How to burn the same wood in 15 min.? (Answer :- Burn the same wood from both end at same time.)
2. Asked many questions about work in current workplace.

Round 4:-
1. How my current job work can be used in Quickr?
2. Some more questions asked related to work done in current job and how can it be useful in Quikr?

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