Druva Pune Interview Experience

Recently I got a chance to give interview at druva Pune. They ask some decent interview questions. I am going to include all questions that were asked to me and my friends.

They follow the same interview process : 1 coding round + 1 telephonic + 3 Technical + 1 Hiring Manager + 1 HR

Questions asked in different rounds in random order ->

1) Calculate the days between two dates

2)Find most k frequent words in a file.

3)Remove duplicate lines from a file.

4) Given a sentence, appends the duplicates words in the end but in reverse order.

5) Find a point where maximum interval overlaps.

6) Find a loop in linked list.

7) Reverse a linkedlist in size of K.

8) Check is a tree is BST or not.

9)One simple bitwise question

10) Value of j?





int main()
    int i = 1 & lt;
    31, j;
    while (i) {
        if (i & j) {
            j &= (~i)
        else {
            j = j || i;
        i >>= 1;


11) How threads communicating on a multi-core processor?

12) What is the use of multithreading on single core CPU?

13) What are demand loading and thrasing?

14) What happens when you type google.com in the browser?

15) How packet travels from source to destination?

16) Implement strtok in c.

17 )Dutch nation flag implementation.

18) When would you choose process over the thread?

Thank you GFG 🙂

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