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Difference between Web Server and Web Host

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 27 Oct, 2022
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Web Server: Web Server, as the name suggests, is basically a way that processes all incoming network requests over HTTP and also stores, processes, and delivers web pages. Its main purpose is to store website files and broadcast them over the internet.
Like – Apache, Nginx, FoxServ, etc…

Web Host: Web Host, as the name suggests, is basically a way to get a website hosted so that it can be accessed by everyone on the web. It also helps one to prevent hackers and malware to access data and provides good security services.
Like – Hostinger, InfinityFree, Wix, etc…

Web Server and Web Host

Web Server

Web Host

Web server is basically a computer that usually runs websites.Web hosting is basically a process of using a server to host a website.
It is used to host websites and contain one or more websites.It enables website to be accessible to users via internet.
It provides services to other devices or programs in network.It allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible through WWW.
It stores web server software and website’s component files.Web pages are actually stored in a server so that one can access the website through the internet.
It processes network requests of users and serves them with files that create web pages.Type of web host includes shared host, dedicated host, free host, reseller host, etc.
Types of web server include proxy server, mail server, application server, etc.It makes use of other networks to relay same set of information.
Its main objective is to store, process and deliver web pages to users.Its main objective is to keep all webpages of the hosted site on it’s server and to take care of setup and technical issues.
It allows to standardize coding, customized server setting as per requirement, hassle-free installation and deployment, etc.It improves website performance, website security, technical support, etc.

It’s simple to find a reliable web hosting platform on which to host your website or launch a company. There are many solutions available on the market, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting, to assist you to establish your online presence. For better judgment, please see the list of the 10 Best Free Website Hosting Services to Consider.

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