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Difference between Quad core and Octa core processors

Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2022
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Quad-Core processors are those processing systems that have four cores so it is capable of performing a number of tasks at the same time means it provides the power of parallel processing. These processing systems are much faster than any other processing system.

Octa-core processors are those processing systems that have eight cores which are arranged in two sets of four cores each core can perform the work as that of a quad-core processing system. It was designed to give high performance and speed as compared to any other processing system.


Following is a table of differences between Quad-Core and Octa-core Processors:




1. 4 cores are present which can perform different tasks at the same time. Two sets of 4 cores are present, which means a total of 8 cores that can perform numerous tasks at the same time.
2. It uses less power as compared to Octa-core hence it is power efficient. It uses comparatively more power as compared to quad-core systems.
3. All cores work all the time. All cores work when multiple heavy tasks are given otherwise one set is enough.
4. It generates less amount of heat. It produces more amount of heat.
5. Single-threaded jobs can be done more efficiently. These are designed to handle multi-threaded jobs efficiently.
6. The performance of these processors arise good. The performance of these processors is better.
7. The power of all cores is equal. The power of one set is high as compared to other sets of cores.
8. It can handle low and medium graphics easily. These are made to handle complex and heavy graphics along with rendering capabilities.

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