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Difference between Core Java and Advanced Java

Last Updated : 13 Feb, 2022
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Core Java: Core Java is the part of Java programming language that is used for creating or developing a general-purpose application. 

Advanced Java: Advanced Java is also a part of Java programming language that generally deals with online application like the website and mobile application. 

Below is the difference between the two: 

Core Java Advanced Java
To develop general purpose applications. To develop online application and mobile application.
Without Core Java no one can develop any advanced java applications. Where as advanced java only deals with some specialization like Database, DOM(web), networking etc.
OOP, data types, operators, functions, loops, exception handling, threading etc. Apart from the core java parts it has some specific sections like database connectivity, web services, servlets etc.
It uses only one tier architecture that is why it is called as ‘stand alone’ application. It uses two tier architecture i.e. client side architecture and server side or backend architecture.
Core java programming covers the swings, socket, awt, thread concept, collection object and classes. Advance java is used for web based application and enterprise application.

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