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Difference between Multiplexer and Decoder

Last Updated : 12 Jun, 2020
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1. Multiplexer :
Multiplexer is a data selector which takes several inputs and gives a single output.In multiplexer we have 2n input lines and 1 output lines where n is the number of selection lines.

2. Decoder :
Decoder is a logic circuit which n input lines into m output lines.Decoders are called as min-term and max-term generators because for each of the input combinations, exactly one output is true.

Difference between of Multiplexer and Decoder :

S.NO. Multiplexer Decoder
1. MUX accepts several inputs and allow only one data output. It takes n input binary code and convert it into a corresponding outputs.
2. Select line are used to select data inputs and allow only one of them. Enable inputs are used to control the operation of the decoder.
3. It can be used in data routing and waveform generation. Application of decoder is in Decimal to BCD encoder.
4. Multiplexer converts the unary code into binary code Decoder converts binary code into unary..

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