Difference between Data Warehouse and Data Mart

Both Data Warehouse and Data Mart are used for store the data.

The main difference between Data warehouse and Data mart is that, Data Warehouse is the type of database which is data-oriented in nature. while, Data Mart is the type of database which is the project-oriented in nature. The other difference between these two the Data warehouse and the Data mart is that, Data warehouse is large in scope where as Data mart is limited in scope.

Let’s see the difference between Data warehouse and Data mart:

S.NO Data Warehouse Data Mart
1. Data warehouse is a Centralised system. While it is a decentralised system.
2. In data warehouse, lightly denormalization takes place. While in Data mart, highly denormalization takes place.
3. Data warehouse is top-down model. While it is a bottom-up model.
4. To built a warehouse is difficult. While to build a mart is easy.
5. In data warehouse, Fact constellation schema is used. While in this, Star schema and snowflake schema are used.
6. Data Warehouse is flexible. While it is not flexible.
7. Data Warehouse is the data-oriented in nature. While it is the project-oriented in nature.
8. Data Ware house has long life. While data-mart has short life than warehouse.
9. In Data Warehouse, Data are contained in detail form. While in this, data are contained in summarized form.
10. Data Warehouse is vast in size. While data mart is smaller than warehouse.

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