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Difference between Project Management and Service Management

Last Updated : 08 Dec, 2022
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1. Project Management : Project management, as name suggest, is simply management that ensures that all projects within organization are executed in most effective manner and are delivered on time. 

2. Service Management : Service management, as name suggests, is simply management that is customer-focused and helps in increasing and maximizing business value by use of IT i.e. information technology. 

Difference between Project Management and Service Management :

Project Management Service Management
It mainly focuses on management of individual project. It mainly focuses on management and delivery of IT services so that customer can be benefited form it.
It is a temporary management process that works till project is completed. It is a permanent management process i.e. an ongoing Lifecycle process.  
Project manager have more responsibilities than service manager. Service manager have less responsibilities than project manager.
Factors affecting project management includes suppliers, risks, communication channels, procurement issues, team building issues, timing issues, etc. Factors affecting service management includes inadequate staff, poor planning and designing, lack of communication among others, etc.
Process of this management includes initiation, planning, execution or performing, monitoring or checking and closing particular project. Process of this management includes designing, creating, delivering, supporting and managing overall lifecycle of IT Services.
Its benefits include improve chances of achieving main desired goal, set scope, improves growth and development within team, etc. Its benefits includes provide value, improve efficiency, reduce operational cost, improve effectiveness, improve visibility, etc.
Its main objective is to complete temporary projects simply to deliver and achieve desired goal of organization or business or company. Its main objective is to ensure that correct processes, technology and members are put in place so that organization or business or company can be able to achieve their desired goal.
Project management is more difficult than service management. Service management is less difficult than project management.

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