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Difference between Clojure and Scala

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  • Last Updated : 21 Apr, 2022
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1. Clojure : 
It is a dynamic, multi-threaded, and functional language that runs on the Java virtual machine. It has a very simple structure and the syntax is also simple. With the help of Clojure, we can access Java libraries and their frameworks. Its benefits include it is flexible and dynamic under an effective system like JVM.

2. Scala :
It is a compiler-based and multi-paradigm programming language that is compact, speedy, and efficient. It is successful to work with records that are saved in a Distributed fashion. It accesses all the accessible assets and helps parallel data processing. Scala helps more than one kind of Constructs which permits the programmer to work with container sorts with ease.

Difference Between Clojure and Scala :

S. No.ClojureScala
1.It is developed from the Lisp language.It is not created from any other language.
2.It is not much popular than Scala.It is very popular as compared to Clojure.
3.It follows a consistent architecture.It does not follow a consistent architecture.
4.It requires macros for working on different data structures.It does not require macros for working on data structures.
5.It follows standard code writing.Code can be written in different styles and no standards are there to write code.
6.It does not work with Apache.It can work with Apache.
7.It does not offer a reusability feature.It offers a reusability feature.
8.It is more flexible than Scala.It is less flexible than Clojure.
9.It’s a high level, dynamic functional programming languageIt supports high-order functions.
10.It supports concurrency.It has an object-oriented programming feature.
11.It generally focus on immutablity.It was created by Martin Odersky.
12.It was designed by Rich Hickey in 2007.It is a hybrid functional programming language.

Its file extensions names are -:

.clj , .cljs , .cljc , .edn

Its compilation mode is very similar to that of C++ and Java


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