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Difference between Angular and Aurelia

Last Updated : 21 Jun, 2022
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JavaScript’s frameworks are one of the hottest topics to discuss when it comes to frontend development. These frameworks support the developer in component-based development and bind the data to the modern architecture of software development. Let us now discuss some differences between Angular and Aurelia. 

Angular: Angular is a framework introduced and developed by Google in the year 2016. It was started by a community held at Google which was initially individual developers. Angular supports component-based in which the webpages are considered as a component and it provides better speed and performance. This framework introduced single page development to a broader sense. The angular community has a lot of user bases and is very reliable as some applications such as Gmail is developed on this framework. 
Some features of Angular are : 

  • It supports multiple platforms such as desktop applications, web applications, and native applications.
  • Provides necessary routing speed and automatically loads the transliterated code.
  • It is based and uses MVC (Model View Controller) Architecture while developing applications.
  • Helps in performing unit testing in the developed software.

Aurelia: Aurelia is a framework developed by Rob Eisenberg and backed by Durandal Inc. It is capable of developing powerful applications such as mobile and desktop applications. This supports the application to be rich in user experience and provides dynamic UI, with supporting plugins. It provides functionalities such as dependency injection, publish-subscribe model while developing the application as it reduces the stress of library dependency. Aurelia is has a huge community base as multiple contributions are provided as its being as an open-source framework. 
Features of Aurelia are : 

  • Aurelia framework supports single page application development.
  • It supports multiple transpile languages such as CoffeeScript, TypeScript, and AtScrpit.
  • Provides biding of data with its type in the syntax.
  • This framework has no further dependencies as it depends on Polyfills web development.

Differences Between Angular and Aurelia : 

S.No. Angular Aurelia
1. The Angular framework is developed by Google. The Aurelia framework is developed by Rob Eisenberg.
2 It is licensed by Google and MIT. It is licensed by MIT.
3 It is a TypeScript based framework. It is a framework that supports multiple transpile scripts.
4 Data binding is difficult in angular as it does not provide type in this. Supports data binding and is easy as compared with Angular.
5 It supports the development of a single-page web application with rich web support. It supports the development of a single-page web application with dynamic support.
6. Integration is easy as it provides suitable options for being a Google product. Plugins are supported as data integration is possible.
7. As being a product of Google many application is built on this and many versions are fetched out into the market. It is tremendously being accepted for mobile and web desktop applications.
8. Has a huge community of developers. Has a smaller community as compared to angular.
9.  In Angular it is not at all possible to wrap all the templates in a single tag as it needs both template and element name. In Aurelia, all the templates can be wrapped in a single tag


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