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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience | Set 8 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2018
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Recently Deutsche Bank visited our campus. Only B.Tech CSE was allowed. Job profile was analyst.

Online Test: – There were 5 computer science subjects MCQs and 2 coding questions. One was of dynamic Programming and another was of medium type question. Solving 4-5 MCQs and 1 coding may get you shortlisted.

28 students got shortlisted for next interview rounds.

Technical 1: First Interviewer asked me about my CV and asked me to tell me about myself. Then he asked me about my projects and asked some cross questions related to projects. Then he asked me 2 algorithm questions. Questions were very easy. I solved them perfectly. Then he asked me some question related to database and SQL queries. He gave me 2 tables and asked to perform all Joins on those tables. I solved that problem. Then he asked me some sql queries. We had a long discussion on some sql queries.

Out of 28, 13 were selected for next round.

Round 2: It was a game. They gave us some wooden blocks and asked to build a gym-center with the help of those blocks. We had to cover some given requirements. Basically they were analyzing what we were doing and how we were solving issues. No one was eliminated from this round.

Technical 2: Again long discussion on projects. Then he asked in which language I used to code. I said Python. He asked some syntax based question on Python. Then he gave me some queries and asked can we write queries like this to get this particular result. I had to mark correct or incorrect. Then he asked me to write a query. I wrote a query for this problem then he asked me to optimize that query. Then he asked me to design an algorithm which was basically based on Python syntax.

HR Round: HR was very friendly. She asked me about my CV. Then she asked me about my family, my school life, college life and some basic HR questions. Then she asked about my programming language but she said that our company works on Java. Then she asked me to give her assurance that i will learn Java before joining. She asked me that how many companies I have been interviewed for and what were the reasons for not getting selected. I told her about. Then she said I am done if you have any question. Then I asked about my interview.

Out of 13, 9 got selected and I was one of them.

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